White Light OG: Our Toke of the Week!

White Light OG Indica hybrid at the Joint dispensary in Santa Ana CA

Strain: White Light OG Indica hybrid

Price: $40 1/8  $80 1/4

Dispensary: The Joint 1325 East St Andrew Place Santa Ana 92705 (714)845-3420

I’ve had my Medical Marijuana card since 2012 when I began treatment for colorectal cancer. My medical card expired a few days ago and from what I understand I would just need my CA driver license. Browsing through several dispensaries on Weedmaps it still wasn’t clear how this works but I felt confident going to The Joint in Santa Ana they would help me with any questions. The Joint has been around since 2015 operating under Measure BB which allowed them to operate in Santa Ana to sell medical marijuana, which they still do. If you want medical marijuana you still need the doctor’s rec but if you want recreational pot you just need your ID. So what’s the difference? The tax. On Weedmaps you will see 2 prices for flower, one for medical and one for recreational, on some menus, not all, hence my confusion. At The Joint all prices are the same because they add the tax before you buy, less confusion. They advised me to go ahead and renew my card for the rest of the year, hopefully by next year everything will be much easier. I hope this helped.

I was looking for an indica and the very helpful budtender showed me the freshest and dankest strains she had. White Light OG really stood out for freshness and aroma, it’s a cross between Bubble Gum and White Widow. Both of these strains date back to the 90s. Bubble Gum was grown here in the States and White Widow originates in the Netherlands, a favorite of the coffee houses in Amsterdam. Combined, they give off a very cerebral high, relaxing but not too heavy, THC levels somewhere between 15-20 percent. I made sure my pipe was nice and clean so I could enjoy this somewhat sweet and piney bud. Breaking apart a nice little nug, it was dense and sticky and burned very slowly. I enjoyed a couple of bowls and immediately could feel a strong head buzz. Another bowl and my whole body felt mega-relaxed but I didn’t knock out, thank goodness: I feel like such a lightweight when that happens. White Light OG is a 60/40 Indica dominant hybrid, a great way to relax while still being able to do chores or just hang out. I would use this for headaches or migraines, a great substitute for alcohol. No hangover!

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