Wedding Cake: Our Toke of The Week!

Love, tenderness, and sexual intimacy are three pillars of a happy marriage but we aren’t talking about tying the knot when we mention this pungent strain from the folks at Cream of The Crop. Enjoy a double dose of dense, trichome rich dankness from this delectable treat while celebrating your single life or while arguing with that special person about where to eat when hunger finally strikes.

We do! Photo courtesy of Super Clinik.

Bred from the lineage of Girl Scout Cookies crossed with Cherry Pie expect these flowers tart vanilla scent to take you on a honeymoon that you honestly won’t want to end, and we wouldn’t blame you. Our stash lasted less than the time it took for you to read this so we are crossing our fingers that Super Clinik in Santa Ana has a few more tiers of these skillfully grown buds for us to eventually divorce. Head over to Birch Street in Santa Ana CA and say “I do” to our Toke of The Week.

Super Clinik
2525 S. Birch Street
Santa Ana, CA

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Jefferson Matthew VanBilliard is a leo that enjoys all things cannabis and is just trying his best. He let us know that although the desert will always be his home you can find him on Fourth St. in Santa Ana battle rapping teenagers or at the local high school where he coaches girls varsity volleyball without anyone’s permission.

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