WAUI Sativa Vape Cartridge by Rove: Our Toke of the Week!

Where do you Rove? (Courtesy of Rove)

I’m an old school Toker but once in a while I will pick up a vape cartridge to change things up a bit. Vaping isn’t for everyone but sales of cartridges are climbing, numbers for California show that between 2015 and 2016 vape sales went from 6% to 24% and I’m sure the numbers will continue to rise as marijuana continues to legalized across the nation. I especially enjoy vaping for the convenience and discretion, you can vape on the go or at a concert without anyone really noticing, and if you really don’t smoke often having a vape pen handy is nice for a quick hit before beddy bye. They come in different flavors and with both THC or CBD, a CBD vape pen is perfect to relax without getting high.

I went over to South Coast Safe Access in Santa Ana, they opened in 2015 and in 2016 they became affiliated with UFCW Local 324 giving their employees a benefit package and decent wages. You can either use your medical marijuana doctor recommendation or show your CA ID, I used me Driver’s License and walked into a clean, fully stocked dispensary with plenty of budtenders available. I asked for the Rove .5G and picked the WAUI Sativa. The nice budtender did warn me that since the oil was very thick it might be hard to ignite and get going and she was right. FYI: Thick vape oil is an indication to the quality of the oil, the thicker the better. SCSA has a full lineup of Rove Vape cartridges and they will help you find one you like. I was vaping while doing some research on my laptop, so I didn’t notice how many hits I took, but I’m guessing about 8 or 9 small hits. Those produced quite a good buzz, but it a sativa, I didn’t get drowsy. Mahalo!

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