Video: Stanton Mayor Pro Tem’s Son Squabbles With Signature Gatherers

Can somebody get this guy a joint, please?


On April 7th , David Feiner and his co-worker Sarah (not real name) walked the neighborhoods of Stanton to gather signatures for the California Veterans Access Political Action Committee (PAC). The goal of the campaign was to gain support for a ballot initiative that would allow the people of Stanton to stand against the city’s attempt to ban the availability of cannabis by keeping dispensaries like Green Tree Remedy (GTR) open. The initiative would also prohibit the city from denying access to veterans and the disabled. They went to the home of David Shawver, the Mayor Pro-Tem of Stanton, to hopefully collect a signature. Words were exchanged between the Mayor Pro-Tem and Feiner, but everything was calm. That is, until Shawver’s son, David Shawver Jr., came to the door. Within a minute, Shaver Jr. (39) began screaming for the signature gatherers to get off his property. Feiner whipped out his phone in hopes that it’d cause him to calm down, but the opposite happened. PotPlus has obtained the video.


“Get off my fucking property,” David Shawver Jr. says as he points at Feiner. “You’re harassing my family.”


Feiner and Sarah were already backing up toward the sidewalk. Shawver Jr. walks from the door step and aggressively toward Feiner. Shawver Jr. says to Feiner, “Give me your phone.” Obviously, Feiner refuses to hand his phone over, causing Shawver Jr. to forcefully reach for it. Feiner blocks Shawver’s hands and falls to the ground, causing him to drop his phone and the signature papers to scatter. Feiner gets up in a panic without his things. Sarah grabs the phone and continues recording.


“Let’s just go!,” Sarah says.


At this point it becomes clear that Shawver Jr. wasn’t going for the phone. The Pro-Tem’s son tries to intimidate Feiner by aggressively walking at him. Feiner’s fists are up in defense as he’s walking backwards. He’s so concentrated on Shawver Jr. that he backs into a street-parking-sign pole. Meanwhile Sarah is recording the whole thing.


“You’re attacking me!” Feiner says to Shawver Jr. “You’re attacking me!”


“Yeah because you punched me!,” alleges Shawver Jr., “You’re on my property. I’m suing you!”


(We’re slightly confused about what he could have possibly meant by this considering it was Feiner and all his belongings that fell to the ground. Just saying.)



At this point the the Mayor Pro-Tem is out on the lawn with who we assume is his wife. He is yelling from the lawn. His son continues yelling at Feiner saying he is a criminal. David Shawver Senior yells that Feiner and Sarah are corrupt. Shawver Jr. continues his rant that he is going to sue Feiner and continues to walk at Feiner in a hostile manner. The video ends with Shawver Jr. saying he is going to call the cops and Feiner and Sarah getting in the car.


As a result of this situation, Feiner stopped working for the campaign early because he feared for his safety. “Mr. Shawver’s son made clear that he was going to come after us if he saw us again in Stanton,” Feiner wrote in a declaration.


Two weeks later was the Green Tree Remedy (GTR) protest, where nearly 60 people gathered just south of Magnolia and Katella Ave. with picket signs because GTR was shut down– despite gathering 3,000 signatures for the ballot initiative that would’ve helped keep GTR open. The demonstrators marched from GTR to the Stanton City Council meeting, where Feiner spoke during the public comments and confronted the Mayor Pro-Tem in front of everyone.


“Mr. Shawver you know who I am,” he said, addressing the Mayor Pro Tem, “as I went to your house to have a peaceful conversation with you about the dispensary and things like that and your son viciously attacked me.”


The silence in the room was piercing. Shawver’s face was emotionless– he didn’t flinch. “I almost didn’t speak that day,” says Feiner in a phone interview. “I felt sketchy about it because it was still pretty recent.”


Feiner filed a police report, but nothing has come of it yet. “The whole thing is crazy,” Feiner says. “We were just doing our jobs.”

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