Toke Of The Week: Kikoko Sensuali-Tea!

Courtesy of Kikoko.

Leading the way in cannabis wellness isn’t just a slogan for Kikoko. Their organically grown, pesticide free tea’s are precision-dosed and contain only ingredients that come from the earth naturally. Of all the different products Kikoko offers our favorite has to be their Sensuali-tea brewed with hibiscus, cardamom, and rose petals.

A delicious combination of lavender, licorice root, and orange peel adds balance the full flavored tea while the low amount of THC helps your brain send signals to your bathing suit area that it’s go time. The science behind sexual arousal and cannabis is something we are still figuring out and happens to be quite complex but basically it goes like this; the devils lettuce makes time spent with that special someone, or alone, a lot better. After a few sips of Kikokos’ magical elixir you’ll be ready for whatever your day or night has in store. So heat up that kettle and get those pants off, it’s tea time!

1320 E. Edinger Ave
Santa Ana, CA 92705

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Jefferson Matthew VanBilliard is a leo that enjoys all things cannabis and is just trying his best. He let us know that although the desert will always be his home you can find him on Fourth St. in Santa Ana battle rapping teenagers or at the local high school where he coaches girls varsity volleyball without anyone’s permission.

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