Think Outside The Dab With Speakeasy 710’s Dab Dispenser

The waxy paint to your rolling paper canvas

There is almost no way to avoid using cannabis oil these days– even if your preference is flower. The amount of 710 products (think edibles, tinctures, drinks, lotions, chapsticks, shatter, wax and all concentrates) far out number the different strains of flower in dispensaries by at least 20 to one. But the best oil products are the ones that allow you to get creative with how you consume cannabis. The Dab Dispenser by Speakeasy 710 does just that.

The little dabber is a black marker-sized pen that’s loaded with Speakeasy’s tasty CO2-extracted, 75 percent THC oil. When you twist the oil chamber, pressure pushes the extracted cannabis through the pen tip allowing for a mess-free way to load up your rig. An empty coil pen (a pen designed for smoking wax) also comes with the Dab Dispenser if you want to smoke on the go. The oil and pen are pretty damn covert, they look sharp and they’re a convenient size to stow away.

But what’s amazing about this product is that it allows you to think outside the dab. As someone who doesn’t really smoke anything but baseball-bat-sized flower joints, I didn’t really know what to do with the Dab Dispenser. But the wonderful staff at the Reserve OC recommended I try it, and they have yet to let me down. So I went for it– and I’m so happy I did.

A few days later, I was determined to figure out how to incorporate the wax into my joint without totally wasting it or over powering my joint– a pretty fine line to walk. I ground up about a gram of BudBud’s Grape Ape, an indica hydrid I procured on my adventures through Venice Beach, and rolled it up in hemp paper. I whipped out the Dab Dispenser and twisted the chamber until a golden blob sat atop the pen tip, the way a drop of morning dew rests on a flower petal. I started at the top of the joint and worked my way toward the filter, wrapping the joint in wax. Half way through the joint looked like it was printed with golden zebra stripes. I switched up the design idea and started drawing swirly-ques and finally, when I got the filter, I drew a lopsided, sticky star.

My joint had transformed into a spherical, oblong canvas. It was abstract and weird, and I was in for a major high. As soon as I lit the joint and it hit the first round of wax on the paper, the joint began burning slower. I took a total of three hits–two waxy, green, heavy hits– and I was baked. The most stoned I’ve been at least since the Cannabis Cup. The joint lasted me for a week and a half, as I proceeded with caution every time I hit it. The Grape Ape / Dab Dispenser combo made for premium night time medicine.

If you’re looking for a way to add some fiery creative flair to your joints, Speakeasy 710 has the best paint for your rolling paper canvas.

$50; The Reserve OC; 2911 S. Tech Center Dr., Santa Ana, Ca. 92705

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