“The Dharma” Pack by Lowell Herb Co. Is a Concertgoer’s Dream

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It’s always a good time to smoke a joint. But there are specific moments—like being at a concert with your best friends and watching your favorite band perform— when lighting up a joint seems to have ceremonial magic. It’s also in these instances that there always seems to be a shortage of joints, even if you had a pre-concert herb rolling party prior to the show.

There’s also nothing worse than being at a show—especially at an indoor venue—and the person in front of you lights up a cigarette, clouding your space with second-hand smoke. Not only is it bad concert etiquette, but it’s perhaps the fastest way to ruin the chances of making friends. Even people who smoke cigarettes often don’t enjoy being subjected to the second-hand smoke of another.

On the flip side, there’s no faster way to make friends at a concert than showing up with a plethora of rolled herb. Lowell Herb Co. is one of the few companies who’ve developed a packaged product designed for convenience, yet can have the result of making you the most popular person at the show. Instead of purchasing an eighth of cannabis and rolling it into joints yourself, you can now purchase a 10-pack of joints, like the way one would buy a pack of cigarettes. And as an avid concertgoer and someone who will never master the art of time management, having joints already rolled makes life about two levels easier.

“The Dharma” by Lowell Smokes is a 10-pack of indica blended joints made up of Do-Si-Do, Bubba Kush and Girl Scout Cookies. Although The Dharma blend is a great option for a nighttime smoke because of it’s relaxing, meditative effects, I found it was also the perfect blend to experience live music for those exact reasons. After lighting up a joint while Radiohead swooned the desert crowd at Coachella, it was as if I didn’t have a choice but to meditate to the music. Granted, Radiohead is my favorite band. But that doesn’t mean every time I hear their music and close my eyes, I float through a void of rainbows. Yet that’s exactly what I experienced— even during songs that weren’t off In Rainbows.

Although the high wasn’t particularly heavy, I was impressed by the lift I experienced after only 4 puffs. The people I passed the joint to were also very stoned (and gracious), although they seemed to be next-level intoxicated before I shared my smokes with them.

Most pre-rolls have a reputation for being lesser in quality, but these pre-rolls didn’t match up to the stereotype (thankfully!). In one pack you get about a quarter of cannabis, and the herb inside the joints aren’t rolled with harsh trim or shake, automatically making them better than typical pre-rolls. Rather, the joints are made with ground up buds that have never been tainted by synthetic pesticides, making the herb taste and feel very clean– again, making them better than the usual preroll.

Although cannabis exists that’s richer in taste and perhaps a bit fresher, the smokes are an ideal concert accessory. If you’re ever looking to make friends at a show, The Dharma pack by Lowell Herb Co. is definitely the ticket.

$60; Peoples OC: 2721 S. Grand Ave., Santa Ana, Ca 92705

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