The Best of 420: Products, Accessories and Gifts, Oh My!

We all celebrate the herb, man. (Courtesy of Acxel Fuentes)

Whew! Just like that, another 4/20’s in the books– and what a great celebration it was! Inbetween passing joints and puffing clouds the size of fluffy sheep, we spent 4/20 weekend scoping out what products were trending, what people were toking and how people brought in California’s first legal 4/20– arguably the most important stoner holiday we’ve yet to celebrate. Here’s what we gathered from last weekend’s festivities.

Write down your high; create a written image of how you felt. (Courtesy of Goldleaf Journals)

Goldleaf Journals

“People who use cannabis aren’t lazy ‘stoners'” was one of the major themes of this last 4/20. While we dispensary-hopped, we noticed an array of cannabis books and journals on the shelves, which is a relatively new concept. How often do you see books at dispensaries? Stoners don’t read, right? This 4/20 proved the fallacy of that mentality. The fact books and journals are now sold in dispensaries shows there’s a market for it and demonstrates that intellectually-driven people use cannabis.

In terms of journals, our favorite brand is Goldleaf. Whether you want to create a written, mental image of the highs you experienced or you’re looking for a gift for the literary canna-enthusiast in your life, these journals were designed to celebrate the old-school craft of writing by hand. They were also created to bring a sophisticated and scientific eye to the cannabis community. Goldleaf focuses on aesthetically pleasing and thoughtful designs, from portable jotter-style notebooks to full-scale guidebooks and educational prints to hang in your home. They also offer classic, elegant pens–who doesn’t like a great pen?!

The four different journals are:

  • The Cannabis Taster: A Recreational Tasting Journal
  • The Patient Journal: A Medical Cannabis User Companion
  • The Grow Planner: A Weekly Journal For Cannabis Growers
  • The Grow Jotter: A Cannabis Grower’s Pocket Journal

The next time you smoke, start a home grow or need to remember what terpenes help ease your headache, a Goldleaf Journal might be a smart investment.

Infuse your creativity with cannabis (Courtesy of MagicalButter)


The edible options on the market aren’t always great. While some are pure sugar, others taste like you’re biting into a bouquet of leaves. Obviously, neither option is great. But the Magical Butter Machine provides a remedy to that problem. This spectacular machine is one of the first countertop botanical extractors designed for infusing healthy herbs like cannabis, sage, lavender, etc. into butter, oil, grain alcohol, lotions and more. It makes crafting cannabis (or other herbal and healthy) recipes easy. There are also MagicalButter accessories, too, such as gummy trays, spatulas, and baking mats. Thus, the Magical Butter Machine makes kitchen creativity a hell of a lot easier. The healthy, decadent edibles and other canna-infused products you dream of are now within reach.

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels are our obsession (Courtesy of Lord Jones)

Lord Jones

When isn’t Lord Jones trending? Lord Jones makes the world’s finest micro-dose edibles and topical lotions. Created with simple, all-natural ingredients, Lord Jones CBD gumdrops, chocolate-covered caramels and luxury healing lotions have the power to ease relaxation, promote overall well-being and melt away stress. The highly sought-after brand has quickly become the go-to cannabis item among celebrity fans, some of whom include Olivia Wilde, Jessica Seinfeld and Busy Phillips, to name a few. Additionally, Lord Jones just made history: As of April 10, its CBD products became available in all Standard Hotel minibars in LA, truly a sign of the times. Get high and be classy with Lord Jones.

Slip and toke (Courtesy of Kin Slips)

Kin Slips

Kin Slips were another popular product this 4/20 thanks how portable and discreet the product is– not everyone is lucky enough to overtly celebrate 4/20! Sometimes undercover celebrations are the only way to medicate. These all-natural slips dissolve under your tongue, delivering a precise dose with a quick onset. The carefully crafted blends of cannabinoids, terpenes, and plant-based ingredients are formulated for positive effects on lifestyle and health. This is the product for those who’re either still in the green-closet or revel in the mischievousness of celebrating in hush-hush style.

The Festival Flower Flight (Courtesy of Canndescent)

Canndescent Festival Flower Flight

Here’s another brand that’s pretty much always trending– and had a big 4/20. Canndescent, a Coachella Valley-based premium cultivator, launched their tasting flight right in time for our cannabis holiday (and festival season!). What’s spectacular about Canndescent’s flower is that the effects are always consistent, something most flower brands aren’t. The flight comes complete with five, .75 gram, pre-rolled joints of each of Canndescent’s cannabis strains: Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect and Charge. The joints also come in a travel box, making smoking on-the-go convenient, which is especially mandatory on 4/20. But if you live out of your suitcase, having to-go joints is required pretty much all the time, thus why these transcendent pre-rolls will endure much longer than 4/20 season.

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