Taste Legalization With Lowell Herb Co.’s One Ounce Cannabis Tasting Flight

‘Tis the season to smoke legally, falalalalaaaaaa

The holidays are anything but relaxing. That’s why giving the gift of stress management is perhaps the most thoughtful thing you can do—especially in today’s politically charged holiday season.

Lowell Herb Co. has curated a stellar gift box loaded with a variety of eight prepackaged eighths, adding up to a total of an ounce of flower. The handcrafted wooden cigar-style box holds eight vacuum-sealed glass jars with incredibly tasty herb inside. In one tasting flight you get and eighth of: Tahoe OG, which tests at 20 percent THC indica; Blue Dream, a hybrid with a THC content of 18 percent; Pineapple, a 15 percent THC sativa; Gorilla Glue #4, a hybrid landing at a whopping 25 percent THC; Sage, a hybrid testing at 19 percent THC; Timewreck, a sativa testing at 19 percent THC; Locomotion a 16 percent indica; and Citrus Sap, a 19 percent sativa.

Whether you choose this holiday box or a pack of their herbal smokes, the best thing about gifting someone Lowell Herb Co. flower is that you’re bestowing the gift of real, pesticide-free, plant medicine. In a world of chemical-laden cannabis products presented in the guise of “medical marijuana,” pesticide-free herb has never been more valuable, because plant medicine isn’t “medicine” if it’s doused in neurotoxins.

After a week of crazy deadlines, holiday shopping, food preparation, transporting family to and from the airport and avoiding making New Years Eve plans, smoking a mixed greens joint of Locomotion and Tahoe OG has never sounded so attractive.

Price: $300. Reserve a gift box from Bud and Bloom OC; 1327 E St Gertrude Pl, Santa Ana, CA 92705


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