Stir It Up With Marley Red CBD Rich by Marley Natural

The family of the legendary reggae star and Rastafarian Bob Marley has launched an official company, Marley Natural to market cannabis products like flower, pre-rolls and body lotion along with pipes and accessories. The flower comes in indica, sativa, hybrid and CBD-rich strains, they are packaged in pre-weighed one-eighth containers and are cultivated from high quality plants.

What’s cool is the inclusion of CBD flower; I’m always on the look out for some but they are a scarce breed. The amount of CBD products is growing quickly and should continue to grow as people discover the benefits of using a cannabis product that doesn’t get you high but relieves a variety of pain, stress and anxiety symptoms without any side effects that come with opioids and over the counter pills.

Marley Red has the smallest percentage of THC I’ve seen at 0.5 percent–most other CBD-rich flowers will have from 5 to 12 percent, but this I believe is the selling point for entry level users who want the pain relief without the high. On the other hand, the percentage of CBD is pretty healthy at 12.3 percent. The buds are very dense and sticky, the aroma is slightly skunky and citrusy. I carefully pulled the bud apart and placed it into my trusty pipe. Lighting it took a while because of the density but once I got it going it smoked very smooth and enjoyable. I didn’t know what to expect so I finished the bowl and sat down to watch TV and the next thing I know I’m waking up almost 3 hours later, TV still on. I went right back to sleep and woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and ready to “Stir it UP!”

Available at Evergreen Health Center, 1320 E. Edinger Santa Ana, CA 92705. 714-486-1806. $35.

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