Spread Some Holiday Chill With Leef! Our Toke Of The Week!

After spending the night at a woman’s house recently, I woke up to an empty bed and a note that said I could stay as long as wanted. After eating all of her junk food, I used her shower; I don’t know why, but using other people’s shampoo is always more fun.
Once it came time for soap, I saw in all its glory the bar that would change my life forever. Leef Organics’ line of Nooks + Crannies beauty bars are packed with premium beneficial botanicals and medicated CBD; they wash away dirt, but are gentle enough to do so without harming the largest organ in your body. Eczema sufferers will appreciate the lasting effect on their skin without the use of any harmful chemicals or oils that leave you feeling less than beautiful.
I couldn’t stop thinking about that soap for days; I had to get my hands on my own bar. Luckily, Mr. Nice Guy OC has plenty in stock, so not only can I get as clean as I like, but I can also give the gift of soft skin to the special stoners in my life. Leef Organics offers a range of scents including cucumber melon, white tea and ginger, black chamomile, and charcoal and clay.
Available at Mr. Nice Guy OC, 730 E. Dyer Rd., Santa Ana, (714) 477-6892.

About The Author

Jefferson Matthew VanBilliard is a leo that enjoys all things cannabis and is just trying his best. He let us know that although the desert will always be his home you can find him on Fourth St. in Santa Ana battle rapping teenagers or at the local high school where he coaches girls varsity volleyball without anyone’s permission.

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