Sour Skittles Disposable Vape: Our Toke of the Week!

Sour Skittles Disposable Vape Pen by OC Pharm

Product: Sour Skittles Disposable Vape by OC Pharm


I will occasionally switch from flower to vape so that my resistance to flower will weaken. Disposable vape pens are low cost, very discreet, they ignite automatically and when you’re done you just toss them. They will also last a good while unless you’re at a concert or party and pass it around to the whole crew–sharing is caring! OCPharm is a leader in what they call Clear: the end result of state of the art purification process that removes from cannabis oil solvents, pesticides, molds, mites, fats, lipids and various undesirable elements, and tests well over 85 percent THC concentrate. They then add the flavors and terpenes. I chose Sour Skittles for my pen. Sour Skittles is a hybrid strain whose parents are Sour Diesel, which helps with anxiety, pain and nausea and OG Kush which helps with stress.

I unpacked the pen from it’s box and took a quick hit. I was able to take it anywhere and vape as I did my daily routine, simple chores. Everywhere I went people could only wonder if I was vaping candy. Sour Skittles is a Sativa hybrid so the high could be intense but never was I overwhelmed or “glued” as most indicas can get you. The OC Pharm disposable vape is designed to get you about 200 to 250 five-second hits which seems to be the industry standard for disposable vapes. Once I settled in to a matinee of Pixar’s latest Coco (the Spanish version), I casually vaped since there was only a few people in the theater. The OC Pharm disposable pent is available in almost 20 flavors depending on the dispensary. And yes, I cried…


Available at ShowGrow Santa Ana, 1625 St. Gertrude Place Santa Ana 92705 (949)565-4669. $35/500mg

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