Rove Where You Want! Our Toke Of The Week!

The holiday season is finally here! Which means longer lines, shorter days, and a lot of dinners spent listening to your alt-right aunt complain about millennials ruining our country. This year, after setting the table and murdering a turkey, take a little time to reflect on that innocent little baby in the manger with Rove. Their newest line of single origin cartridges will keep you feeling merry long after the eggnog has turned and each whole plant, CO2 extracted cannabis cartridge comes ready to use. Packed full of delicious terpenes expect Rove’s help to get you through another three minutes of “little drummer boy” or that second helping of fruit salad that’s been sitting out for just a bit too long. Each week Rove has introduced a new strain featuring a farm of their choice and we have yet to be disappointed with any of them. Add Rove to your x-mas list, they don’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice.
People’s OC
2721 S. Grand Ave
Santa Ana, CA 92705

About The Author

Jefferson Matthew VanBilliard is a leo that enjoys all things cannabis and is just trying his best. He let us know that although the desert will always be his home you can find him on Fourth St. in Santa Ana battle rapping teenagers or at the local high school where he coaches girls varsity volleyball without anyone’s permission.

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