Road Trip Guide For Cannabis Connoisseurs

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Although we can’t speak for every stoner, we believe a stoner’s favorite trip is a good ol’ road trip. With breathtaking ocean views to foreboding desert highways and snow-capped mountainscapes, California is the land road-tripping dreams are made of—especially if you incorporate some greenery for the scenery. If you follow these tips, it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll have a transcendent trip.

• Obey all traffic laws! Don’t fly and drive! If you don’t understand what that means, then maybe you shouldn’t smoke cannabis. Stoner folklore says that smoking weed and driving is safer than drinking and driving, but stoners often stop at green lights and/or drive 30 in a 65 mph zone. Neither of these things is safe. Also, driving over state lines with cannabis isn’t a great idea, and we don’t condone it. But if you have to, make sure you’re smart about it. Beware of your surroundings, and remember that not all states are as forgiving as California when it comes to cannabis.


• Pack your cannabis recommendation. We know this tip might seem obvious, but we also know that most stoners would forget to pack their limbs if they weren’t attached to them. Furthermore, “recreational” cannabis is not yet the rule in California and won’t be until 2018—or so it’s said. So you definitely need a valid doctor’s recommendation to get into a dispensary; otherwise, you’ll be stuck buying weed from a dealer, which is a thing of the past. If a dispensary does let you in without your recommendation, turn and run the other way because that has bad news written all over it.


• Pack your flower in smell-proof bags. Such bags are essential if you’re traveling with nuggetry because they’ll keep your car from smelling like a dispensary. Smell-proof bags come in every size and allow for easy storage. There are a ton of options online, including bags with child-proof packaging. Stink Sack ( offers pretty good deals, especially for bulk purchases. Another option for women’s smell-proof accessories is AnnaBis ( Pronounced “Annabi,” which is French for cannabis, these high-fashion bags feature fabric with odor-blocking technology and airtight zippers. They have super-sneaky secret pockets that take hiding herb to the next level, and they come with airtight containers to pack your flower in. More important, these bags are stylish as hell. Inconspicuous has never looked so good.


• Pack extra papers, lighters, sneak-a-tokes, etc.! It’s best to use papers that don’t contain additives, flavoring or colors. Any smoking paper that’s white uses bleach to make it that color, and smoking bleach isn’t good; papers that are colored have dye in them, which are ultimately chemicals. Papers that are flavored also use chemicals. Raw ( makes good papers, but basically any company that uses hemp as a means of making its papers is an excellent choice as well.


• Pack different-sized rolling trays. This is one tip we can’t emphasize enough, as rolling joints on books, magazines or dashboards of cars can be a pain in the ass. Be Lit Brand ( makes an array of aesthetic rolling trays in different sizes.


• Invest in a Nuggy. This is basically a Swiss army knife for stoners. Whether you’re camping, hiking or out on the town and trying to have a smoke, a Nuggy ( has all the tools to make traveling and smoking as easy as it would be if you were at home.


• Brush up on the regulations and culture of wherever you’re going. Although California is more lenient than ever, not every place is like San Francisco, where people walk down the street smoking joints openly without a care in the world. Even in Orange County, you’d probably get harassed for doing that. Brush up on the local dispensaries in the area you’re traveling to, so you know where to go.

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