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    In order to become an Oklevueha lifetime member there is a $15 contribution. The membership fee does not apply to Prop 215 patients.

    Our parking lot is located off of Scenic and Melrose welcome for all.

    Oklevueha Native American Church (ONAC) welcomes people of all races, nationalities, religions and lifestyles without prejudice. As we continue our vision for a more empathetic future we will face discrimination and intimidation. The cycle of gratitude, peace, and love will always prevail. Oklevueha strives to provide community outreach programs such as donation based services which includes meditation, yoga, and Native American dance classes. Members will also be able to participate in ceremonies and spiritual retreats.

    Indigenous American Native spirituality has been practiced in North and South America since before recorded history.

    The fundamental premise of all indigenous spirituality is to honor and respect Grandmother Earth (Matriarchal), Grandfather Sky (Patriarchal) and all of their descendants.

    The practicing of Indigenous American Native Religious spirituality empowers and strengthens those who participate as they create balance and remove toxic thoughts, actions and substances from their lives. The ceremonies, sacraments and medicines we work with are powerful and assist people to overcome dependencies, self-defeating behaviors and can assist the physical body to gain strength in healing many physical ailments.

    Love and Respect

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