Perfect Blend of Bud and Beats @ End of Summer Sesh

The intimate crowd was perfect this time because I didn’t have to fight anyone to reach the area in front of the stage. When famous rappers like Lazyie Bone from Bone Thugs N Harmony and WC of Westside Connection performed I cheered and was thankful no heads were blocking my view. In fact, this event was dope and just what this stoner was looking for.

On Oct. 21 Ruthless Records held the End of The Summer Sesh, a cannabis and hip-hop festival, at the San Bernardino Fairgrounds in Victorville. Only part of the venue was designated for the night, so whether the intent was to fill the space or not is unclear.

At the same time it was irrelevant, as patients and rap enthusiast visited Cannabis Energy Drink, The Real Kurupt’s Moonrocks, Giraffe O.G. and a dozen other vendor booths without a concern for the head count.

Anyone wanting trees or other marijuana products had to pass the smaller stage in the medicated area. After watching people purchase their stuff and not go, I realized the lyrics and vibe of rapper and Roll Up Show host Smoke Deville grabbed their attention. He invited upcoming artists up to perform while vendors gave away weed and merchandise.

Now, the cozy chairs up front were full of people rolling, drinking, smoking and dancing in their seats. Noting from experience, a good blunt goes perfect with sick beats, two things no one had any shortage of that night.

A woman from the Keep-A-Breast Foundation was passing out Dankies pre-rolls, “I love boobies” bracelets and flyers to groups around, especially those waiting for food truck orders. Likely famished from continuous cannabis consumption at EOSS, but diminishing the high by eating, her joints helped get them back up to speed.

As the night fell, so did the temperature of this outdoor sesh, making me praise the person who choose the set times. As we scurried toward the main stage to join the crowd, Tha Alkaholiks started with their set and I forgot all about being cold.

The music of hip-hop legends didn’t stop there as Tha Eastsidaz and MC Eiht rapped popular tracks, while Little Easy-E and E-3 did a tribute to Easy-E just after throwing blunts into the screaming fans.

But when Kurupt and Daz Dillinger came with, “Do You Want to Ride with Us,” I could barely contain my excitement as I got to smoke and dance on stage while they did their set. Then Lady of Rage sang “Afro Puffs” and a number of her other songs, and later stood next to me on stage.

Sometimes less really is more. I probably wouldn’t have danced on stage next to Rage, said what’s up to Kurupt in the medicated area, talked to J-Ro from Tha Alkaholiks about his new canna products or jammed out on stage with the Dogg Pound if it was over crowded. Legitimately a sesh I’ll never forget.

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