Only The Purest Cannabis Brands Can Take Home Chalice Cup


This will be the fourth time San Bernardino has welcomed Chalice Festival, a three day event in the middle of nowhere that brings big name music artist, brilliant glassblowers, top shelf cannabis and it’s lively culture to one place. The founder and owner Doug Dracup managed to get over 750 hash makers involved in this year’s competition for the Chalice Cup, so naturally we felt what he does for the concentrate and cannabis community should be included.

Being a “weed person” in Boston, Dracup felt as though he had a “target on his back.” So seven years ago he seen an opportunity in California and since then, his brand Hitman has only continued to grow. He started out designing unique glass like bongs and rigs, but now offers people and patients much more than that, it’s evolved into a lifestyle. “We work with the bigger names and the bigger breeders,” he said. “We do co-branded projects and the brand itself is just like a culture brand that’s concentrated, centered and pro cannabis, a lifestyle brand.”

With that idea in mind Chalice Festival was created, a place where music, glass, hash, art and a shit ton of people get together to celebrate and appreciate these forms of art. Come July 7 SBC Fairgrounds will be flooded with various types of people all weekend, completely intoxicated, but because it’s a cannabis community, Dracup still expects no arrests or emergency situations. According to him, there were 24,000 people last year and no one went to jail, he’s looking for the same or better outcome this time, what better way than inviting over 700 hash makers to your event.

“As far as cannabis related products,” he said. “Chalice and all of my businesses really put a heavy focus on lab testing and clean medicine.” That’s why there’s 400 judges for the cup, all products are tested prior to entry and winning is making a big statement. They only want the best of the best, claiming that Chalice is one of the most prestigious things in the space and their unbiased and transparent methods contribute to their elaborate and logistical judging.

“We’ve set a whole new standard,” Dracup stated. “There’s without a doubt nothing that competes with our competition out there in the market, period.” Each maker has their own extraction methods and processes of how they feel cannabis is treated best, depending on what you’re looking for. Personally, trial and error is what usually works for me, but if I’m gonna get advice about flower or concentrate it’s definitely gonna be from Dracup––he’s only 31 and he’s the most successful pothead I’ve ever met.


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