OC Weekly’s Top Ten 10 Spot Products

1. Crooks Organiks 

Exclusive strains cultivated by Rich Ninja, 10 Spot’s highest shelf flower that can’t be found anywhere else. Recently, they partnered with Crooks & Castles and can now provide prepackaged eighths to their patients.

2. Simply Naked – vape cartridges 

Naked THC fills their cartridges with solvent-free cannabis extract. It’s thoroughly tested and certified by SC Labs with a potency of 85 percent THC and known to have strong terpene profiles. To get lifted, get Naked.

3. Stiiizy – vape cartridges 

Stiiizy uses a solvent-free distillation process with only top-shelf concentrates and cannabis terpenes in all their half– gram pods. They make no shortcuts, pride themselves on purity and this product can help with many aliments.

4. Korova Saturday Morning Cookies

Don’t let the delicious taste fool you, these cookies are loaded with 100mg of THC and if not careful, someone’s bound to end up with a heavy high on their hands. 

5. KurvAna – vape cartridges 

Kurvana’s KPEN line is a discreet, button- less battery made specifically for KPEN Originals. The first premium oil cartridges they created were designed to “honor the distinct identities of the famous flower strains while amplifying their efficiency.” Later, four KPEN Infusions were added to the product line. Be sure to check out their new line ASCND, if you can find it–it’s that popular!

6. VETCBD: Pet Tincture

So many pets suffer from some of the same aliments people do, but it’s the owner’s responsibility to keep them healthy. Created by a veterinarian specifically for pets, this tincture is designed to relieve animals from pain, inflammation, seizures and other health concerns. It’s olive oil-based, safe for pets and is made from full plant extraction. 

7. Apothecanna’s Extra Strength Relieving Creme

This creme offers fast-acting pain relief that others can’t. It’s loaded with arnica, peppermint, juniper and clove as well as cannabis plant extracts, all known to help remove pain and inflammation. Now people who truly need this and will benefit tremendously, can find this–let’s celebrate!

8.  Heavy Hitters – Vape cartridges

A 2.2g cartridge filled with high potency solvent-free cannabis oil with a variety of strains like Skywalker OG and OG Kush.  Heavy Hitters claims to be one of the highest THC potency on the market and is said to be close to a dab experience.

9. Gypsy Magic – lip balm / bath bombs

Gypsy’s bath and lips balms are handmade and contain hemp from cannabidoil, rather than THC. Therefore, patients typically don’t experience the psychoactive effects and can enjoy the infused aromatherapy that’s designed to heal, nourish or relax.

10. CBD Living: Water

Promoting health and wellness is CBD Living Water, using nano technology to reduce CBD and nutrient particles into one millionth of their size and infusing them into 7.4 pH. water. The nano size allows for the particles to penetrate your cells and body barriers faster, plus there is no difference in taste.

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