Montel Williams Talks LenitivLabs at Bud And Bloom

Bud and Bloom President, Aaron Herzberg and Creator of LenitivLabs, Montel Williams.

Earlier in the day, former talk-show host Montel Williams was on television to discuss LenitivLabs, or so he thought, until the interviewers used up his entire alloted talking about President Trump. Fortunately, several other opportunities to showcase his new cannabis products were waiting for him, starting later that day.

On the afternoon of Wed. July 26, Williams and his products were perfectly displayed in the center of Bud and Bloom in Santa Ana. With a decent crowd forming to listen and talk to of the former host about himself, his health and the moves he’s making in the cannabis industry, it’s no question his presence encouraged people to stop by- patient or not. When Williams entered the warm and cozy dispensary, the woman next in line instantly froze, grew a Kool-Aid smile and spilled all her cash on the floor. Her gaze was locked, she couldn’t look away, so she just felt for her money instead.

“It’s great to see him,” said patient Vincette Wilson. “He looks really good, he’s been hanging in there, MS is not easy and I love his new product. They look amazing and they’re different than everybody else.”

Wilson’s face lit up as she spoke about Williams, almost like she was having flashbacks of his talk-show days, which I imagine all the ladies were doing. It’s the familiar feeling people have with Williams as well as his transparency in regards to his health conditions which will draw people to him and his products, in addition to the fact that LenitivLabs is all about safe, clean and high quality ingredients in all their products.

LenitivLabs one-shot deliciousness.

“I think they [patients] should expect the safest, most efficacious line of medical cannabis products on the market,” said Williams’ Director of Development Josh Kaufman. “Because of Montel’s attention to detail on the quality of products and what’s being sold to patients right now, he wanted to make sure he put out a product that was as clean as came be, with no residual pesticides or solvents.”

Bud and Bloom’s Founder and President Aaron Herzberg introduced himself to the cannabis industry on his 40th birthday and has been in the game ever since. He explained that as cannabis helped with his anxiety, opening up and making friends that he began to view things in a different way, thus his passion started to grow.  Therefore, his dispensary is dedicated to medical patients, like himself and Williams, which is why LenitivLabs fits perfectly on the shelves.

“We wanted to fill the space up to make it a place of healing,” said Herzberg. “So we have specifically gone against the trend for recreational stores and super high dosing. We’re focused on helping seriously ill patients using cannabis to treat their conditions.”

The store was loaded with patients looking for suggestions, information, and wondering if Montel’s products are an alternative treatment to their personal ailments-why yes, they probably are.


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