Monday Munchies: Literally Any Taco Truck

Living alone has its perks, I haven’t worn pants in two days and I get to go number two with the door open whenever I want. Another perk is that whether it’s one in the morning or three in the afternoon you can probably find me at home smoking as much as possible and writing articles about cannabis and fart jokes without being disturbed. The downside to my solo laziness is that my kitchen has basically served as a storage area for things that are mostly in the way, which prevents me from using it as an actual kitchen, which means that at least twice a day I must head out into the wilderness to forage for food in order to survive.

Last week, after a particularly grueling session of cannabis, writing, and even more cannabis I was ready for a meal fit for a king. Unfortunately my bank account made me look more like a jester and since I don’t know any restaurants that serve stew from a hot cauldron I had to settle for something within my means. As I made my way through the quiet streets of Downtown Santa Ana I realized that I was either an idiot or incredibly stoned(or both). Almost every street, sidewalk, and parking lot has a magical truck that’s ready to send you into a food coma with their street food. It was only after finishing my second round of buche tacos that I realized that I never want to eat food sitting down in a restaurant again. From that point on all of my meals would be served on a paper plate which I would then devour while sitting on a curb.

Taco heaven. Somewhere in Santa Ana.


So there you have it folks. Next time you find yourself battling the munchies I say you put on some neutral colors, grab a handful of napkins, and head over to literally any street in DTSA. Trust us, the tacos are worth the trip.

About The Author

Jefferson Matthew VanBilliard is a leo that enjoys all things cannabis and is just trying his best. He let us know that although the desert will always be his home you can find him on Fourth St. in Santa Ana battle rapping teenagers or at the local high school where he coaches girls varsity volleyball without anyone’s permission.

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