Monday Munchies: “Calm” by hmbldt

The calming juice

The era of pot we’re currently living in is fascinating. Not because California legalized the adult use of cannabis (I mean, yes—that too), but even more compelling is that the Golden State’s industry is at a tipping point. Everything’s changing—even the way you choose your weed. You used to purchase canna-products based on whether you wanted a sleepy Indica, mellow Hybrid or high-octane Sativa, and what strain best fit your needs. Alas, some of the trends of 2017 have eliminated the traditional way of choosing flower and products.

hmbldt has revolutionized vaping for a couple reasons. One is because their line of vape pens doesn’t tell you what strain you’re smoking. Rather, they’re named after how they’ll make you feel: Calm, bliss, sleep, relief, arouse and passion. Some people call it marketing, while other critics say a bit of placebo is at play here—if it tells you how you’re going to feel, often times you’ll feel that way. But that brings us to the question: Is knowing what strain you’re smoking necessarily important?

The answer is yes and no. There are specific strains that are vastly more effective in fighting prostate cancer that wouldn’t necessarily help someone who’s using cannabis to treat Alzheimer’s. Thus, knowing what strain you’re getting is important if you’re using it as a treatment. On the other hand, when you’re camping in 90 degree Kentucky weather drenched in 50 percent humidity, having something —anything— that’ll take your mind off the warm condensation purging from your skin is a godsend.

Calm was that godsend. When a friend pulled out the small, if-Apple-made-a-vape-product pen from his pocket and passed it to me, it was as if it emanated a golden celestial aura. I took a hit of the 15:1 CBD dominant oil. After three seconds of inhaling, it vibrated and turned off. Although I wanted to inhale more, I was amazed that the pen’s technology is designed to dispense the same dosage every time: 2.25 milligrams. This is the other way hmbldt’s revolutionized vaping: They’ve come up with a method to determine and ensure over 200 consistent doses per pen.

Calm, much like its other feeling-titled vape-pen-siblings, is created to do exactly that: Make you calm. hmbldt achieves this by blending more than just CBD and a splash of THC into the oil. In conjunction with the cannabinoids, the oil’s comprised of a calming terpene blend of myrcene, limonene, B-pinene, A-bisabolol and B-caryophyllene, all of which promote inner peacefulness.

After about four puffs, the heat seemingly melted away. My focus shifted to the darkness of the woods surrounding me. Small flashes of light danced between the trees—fireflies were everywhere. Shooting stars sparkled across the Milky Way. Instead of wishing I wasn’t so sticky, I eased into a trance watching nature move to the calm notes of the universe.

And for that, I am grateful.

“Calm” by hmbldt; $100 per pen; 420 W. Central, Santa Ana, Ca 92707

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