Mary’s Medicinals Make Medicated Patches That Go More Than Skin Deep

Until last spring Mary’s Medicinals was producing oil in both Colorado and California. But the company decided to stop production in Cali with concern their then-partner wouldn’t be able to keep up with the expected demand coming from the pass of Proposition 64, which will allow recreational marijuana sales in California starting in January 2018. Now they’ve found a new partner and plan to be back and available to patients in Orange County by August 1 of this year.

The company offers a variety of cannabis products including vape pens, capsules, topical compounds, protein mixes, muscle freezers, concentrates, and a tincture. However, they’re most known for their six different transdermal patches. The technology mimics the same time release dose distribution process of a nicotine patch. Once the 2×2 square is placed topically on the veinous part of the skin, the THC is then slowly distributed into the bloodstream over an eight to 12 hour period.

According to account executive Allie Greenstone, biochemically cannabinoids as molecules are too large, for the most part to penetrate beyond your dermis and epidermis, which is one reason transdermal product provides more medical benefits than a topical. “These products are designed to push the cannabinoids seven to 10 layers deep,” she explains. ”So they’re actually able to either penetrate into your bloodstream or with our spot specific products they’re able to reach your muscles, connective tissues and joints.”

Using an alcohol extract and a distillate process is how they believe a higher level of refinement is achieved and thus will create a more pure and potent final product. She explained how this method removes the cannabinoids they’re looking for—everything from CBD, CBN, and THCA to CBC and THC. Because of the role terpenes have helping cannabinoids absorb in the human body, Mary’s Medicinals requires a level too high to rely solely on cannabis derived terpenes. Therefore, terpenes from fruits and other plants are put back in their oils before infusion, recreating a full plant extract by doing so.

The collective prides themselves on their consistency, potency and accuracy, which they owe to their production methods and though they prefer to focus on the non-psychoactive medicinal uses of cannabis, Mary’s utilizes THC in a “handful” of their oils. “We wholeheartedly believe in the medicinal value of THC, there’s no doubt there,” Greenstone says. “The reason we make the products we do is to provide a reliable and consistent product for folks that are using cannabis day to day, no matter what affect they’re looking for.”

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