Making S’mores With Chill Cannabis Infused Dark Chocolate: Our Toke Of The Week!

Chillin’ with the chillest chocolate in town

The best part about the array of edibles that exist today is the fact you can get creative with how you choose to eat them. Take a medicated chocolate bar, for example. On its face, it looks like an intimidating chocolate weed stick that contains the G-force to launch you to Neptune. But when you decide to make medicated s’mores, the chocolate becomes far less intimidating.

I must admit: I didn’t come up with this idea myself. Last week I went to a High Times magazine Women of Weed extravaganza in Downtown Los Angeles, where I stumbled upon a display with rows of chocolate placed atop graham crackers. Two mini stoves sat at the ends of the table with marshmallows and skewers intricately placed around them.

A vendor I spoke to introduced me to the world of Chill cacao bars, which come in both dark and milk chocolate. I honestly don’t know if there’s anything more badass than weed s’mores, which is perhaps the most creative way I’ve ever seen 420 chocolate used. Eager to taste test, I grabbed a stainless steel rod, poked a marshmallow with fervor and waited for it to catch on fire. I let the mallow char for a second and then placed it on top of the dark-cacao and Honey Maid graham cracker.

It was the best s’more I’ve ever eaten. Each broken piece of chocolate was infused with 12mg of THC, a perfect micro-dose that won’t launch you into the depths of the solar system. And the best part about Chill’s cacao is that it’s ethically sourced. You couldn’t ask for anything sweeter.

Available at Cookies OC: 2400 Pullman St, Suite B Santa Ana, CA 92705. $20.

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