LIvClear Disposable Vape Pen Khalifa Kush: Our Toke of the Week!

LIV Clear Disposable Vape Pen Khalifa Kush at New Generation in Santa Ana CA

Summer is here! With that comes many outdoor activities: beach, hiking, the park, but right now I’m thinking Orange County Fair! Yes, that annual event that ends up costing more than Disneyland but does Mickey offer fried Oreos? or huge slabs of smoked meats? Oh Hell NO! That’s why we go to the Fair and that’s why I was looking for a disposable vape pen. I have a pen battery but a disposable is even more discreet and convenient and if you need to ditch it you’re only out $20.

New Generation dispensary in SanTana carries a wide variety of vape cartridges and 2 disposable pens, I went with the LIV Clear, which comes in Indica, Sativa and Hybrid. I picked the Indica Khalifa Kush, I want to enjoy a good high while a walk the Fair, listen to all the live bands and people watch. The pen is maybe 3 inches long, very small, which is a perfect size for sneaking a toke here and there. The cannabis oil is 100 percent solvent free and there’s an LED light at the end that will blink once the perfect dosage has been administered.

The Fair won’t start for a few days so I have time to try out the pen. I take it everywhere while I run errands and it works great! After about 4 hits expect to get buzzed, keep hitting the vape and you will definitely get very stoned. The LIV Clear disposable pen has become my new best friend, I take it to my favorite dive bar, to the movies and when I go for my walks, I’ve owned a few of these disposable types and by far the LivClear is the Best! The $20 price is right, the high is legit and it’s discreet AF.

Grab one and I’ll meet you at the World’s Biggest Horse!

LIV Clear Disposable Vape Pen Khalifa Kush 250mg. Available at New Generation 3700 W. Segerstrom Ave., Suite A Santa Ana 92704. 657-900-8200. $20.

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