Life On (Canndescent) Cruise Control: Our Toke Of The Week!


Cruisin‘ down the street in my six four, puffing Canndescent and taking it slow (Courtesy of Canndescent)

There are few things this world offers as fantastic as coming across a good strain of flower. But being able to locate the strain and experience the same greatness multiple times in a row? That’s what cannasseur dreams are made of.

In my opinion, Canndescent grows some of the best flower on the market. Not because it’s insanely strong or because the nugs are massive. Rather, every time you smoke the crystalline herb, you know exactly how you’re going to feel—even after you run out and get more a month or two later (obviously from a different harvest).

Canndescent is one of the new-wave flower companies that don’t use strain names. Instead, the flower is named after how it will make you feel. We’ve written about their strain “Create,” which is one of our all time favorites (if you haven’t tried it, you should!). But we recently delved into their “Cruise” line, and it’s a close runner-up.

“Cruise” by Canndescent is the ideal flower strain for a Sunday afternoon outdoor tea party with your best friends. It’s giggly, flowy, social and goofy. Laughing comes as easy as breathing, and the plants and trees become too vibrant to go unnoticed. It instantly lights up the good-vibe feelings in your Solar Plexus, making you feel aligned and supplying you with an abundance of playful energy.

Although it’s probably too mellow to use before an intense workout and maybe a tad too spacey to bust out that screenplay you’ve been meaning to start—it’s a great high for a hike, lounging on the beach, taking a dip in the pool or devouring your favorite ice cream. We give Canndescent two-thumbs up and a high-five for making consistency feel so good.

Bud and Bloom: 1327 E St Gertrude Place Santa Ana 92705; $50 + taxes

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