Leeroy OG is the Connoisseur’s Indica Dominant Hybrid

Leeroy OG Indica dominant

Strain: Leeroy OG Indica Dominant Hybrid
Price: $50 1/8 $95 1/4
Dispensary: MedMen OC 2141 S. Wright St. Santa Ana 92705 (714)515-8506

One of the newest legit dispensaries in Santana is MedMen OC, the latest location in their chain of stores. Like the rest of the Measure BB licensed collectives MedMen is spacious, clean, and organized, with experienced budtenders ready to offer their sage advice. Unlike other dispensaries, when you want to check out a specific flower they have four large tables with interactive touchscreens with information on 4 to 5 samples of bud that are encased in a round plastic container with a magnifying glass on top of one side. The other side has a small sliding door that you can open to check out the dank aroma of the bud. It’s a very innovative way of shopping.

I had already checked out the menu online, but I still browsed around to take see if I had missed anything. I was looking for Indica with a high THC percentage. I’m a cancer survivor and I continue to advocate for other cancer patients so I’m always looking for strong strains that I can recommend for those going through chemotherapy and radiation. I chose Leeroy OG with 25.55% THC. BOOM!It’s a 60/40 indica dominant hybrid, a cross between Triangle Kush and Rare Dankness #2, both outstanding strains known for their help with nausea and relaxation.

Leeroy OG is considered a connoisseur’s strain; the buds are dense and mature, the aroma is very citrusy with notes of lemon and lime. I carefully tore apart a nice compact nug and threw it in my pipe, first toke was smooth, second toke produced a little cough and I could sense a subtle buzz. A few more hits and I was already relaxed and feeling pretty happy. Leeroy OG can be used to get Goofy high or use it in moderation to take the edge off and if you are going through treatment for cancer use Leeroy OG for nausea and to get a good night’s sleep. #Fuckcancer!

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