Kurvana: Button-Less Vape Pen Say Hello To Aromatherapy Infused Oils

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When you have patients constantly telling everyone how your products helped them manage their chronic pain or get through a serious illness, you don’t have to wonder if you’re doing things right. Kurvana Collective receives messages from thankful customers on a daily basis and although they’ve have been helping patients in Orange County since 2014, their first years were spent solely on research and development. Perhaps that early dedication to uncompromising product quality explain’s Kurvana’s loyal customer base.

The company sources only high quality, raw and organic flowers as material for their own proprietary extraction method. According to marketing associate Sarah Dunn this process focuses on the entire cannabis plant, from flavonoids to terpenes to other bioactive compounds which maximizes purity while preserving the plant’s phytochemical fingerprint. Because of this, their team of scientists believe they offer the best full-spectrum concentrates technology has available. “We believe Kurvana stands apart from other cannabis companies,” Dunn says, “because of our extraction expertise, analytical capabilities, and genuine commitment to taste, purity and consistency.”

Great value is placed on the precision, consistency, quality and refinement of their oils which is why they continue to stay updated in technology and some patients claim this to be the best oil and flavor with an easy to use device. Kurvana takes extra steps when testing to ensure products are pesticide, microbial, solvent, additive, and contaminant free. They stand fully behind their products and are devoted to providing their patients with prime medicinal marijuana to aid in naturally enhancing their everyday lives.

Currently, Kurvana offers the KPEN line, which starts with a discreet, button less battery made specifically for KPEN Originals. The first premium oil cartridges they created were designed to “honor the distinct identities of the famous flower strains while amplifying their efficiency.” These tried and true oils come in 11 varieties and strains like, True OG, Banana Smoothie, and Pineapple Express. Later, four KPEN Infusions were added to the product line, they discovered by combining aromatherapy essential oils with top shelf medicinal marijuana, they could create blended extractions from real fruit and botanicals to infuse in their cannabis concentrates. Lastly, their PURE CBD Crystals test at over 99 percent CBD potency, are extremely expensive, but work wonders for pain and worth every penny.

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