Keeping It Regal With Triple Crown OG: Our Toke Of The Week!

Triple Crown OG (Photo: Robert Flores)

The cannabis plant is so versatile it can be used for either recreational use or for medical issues. Some strains will lean more to just getting high weed and some with a high percentage of CBD will help with relaxation, stress and anxiety but won’t get you high. I paid a visit to Herbology 35 Cap in Santa Ana with all intentions of purchasing an indica strain called El Chapo OG, it just sounds Savage! The budtender was very nice and showed me a few other indicas and I decided to go with Triple Crown OG a 100 percent indica strain, with all the hybrids and new strains it’s not too common to see a 100 percent indica and it tests at 27 percent THC. At $35 per 1/8 it’s also a good deal. Score!

Medically Triple Crown OG helps with anxiety, pain, stress, depression and even stomach issues. As far as its recreational use it’s definitely going to get you very stoned and leave you with a silly smile on your face. Ha! I chose this strain over El Chapo OG because I liked the aroma, citrus, pine and hints of lemon, and I liked the way the buds looked, very mature and they seemed to twist around each other. I carefully tore apart a bud and inside was nice and sticky, the outside was a light, frosted green, I lightly packed a bowl and took some cautious hits. I wanted to enjoy the buzz as it grew one hit at a time, sort of like sipping a nice Barrel Aged Imperial Stout that is 12 percent ABV, take my time and savor each moment. The bud burned slowly probably from all the sticky icky resin, another good sign of a mature plant that was harvested at it’s peak. The buzz took over my body and put me in a very relaxed, high, but not too high, feeling like a champ, mood. So I went ahead and packed another bowl and BOOM! Total Bliss.

Available at Herbology 35 CAP, 4728 W. 1st St., Santa Ana, (657) 600-5997. Price: $35 1/8.

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