Kannaway Anti-Aging Moisturizer: Our Toke of the Week!

The battle between marijuana and hemp has created a pretty severe divide. Although they’re both cannabis plants, the divide exists because of CBD, the super-healing cannabinoid that exists in hemp and marijuana. Pro-hemp people claim that the CBD in hemp and marijuana are the same. Pro-marijuana people, on the other hand, vehemently say that CBD from hemp is not the same because it doesn’t have the other compounds that marijuana has— like THC or CBG— which are needed for the CBD to have maximum healing potential. Both sides blame each other for scamming people. And hemp’s reputation has suffered the most.


But just because hemp might not be the best option for people with seizures, it has a whole host of other great benefits, like it’s anti-aging properties. Clinical studies have proven that hemp is loaded with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which are essential for moisture. Studies also show cannabinoids (like CBD) are responsible for lipid production and, therefore, help with regulating conditions such as dry skin or acne.


Kannaway’s anti-aging moisturizer is an advanced, nutrient-rich cream that uses active herbal extracts and sustainable hemp oil to help revitalize skin cells. It’s lightweight and doesn’t leave your skin looking shiny, making it ideal for daytime use. As someone with combo-skin, it’s hard to find face creams that don’t make parts of your face look oily or leave parts dry. The balanced moisture it offers is what stood out to me the most. It makes your skin feel firm and, if used long enough, it can reduce the appearance of fine lines—before they even become wrinkles!

Available at kannaway.com. $55

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