Honey Tree Medicinal Created the Swiss Army Knife of Cannabis Oils

Honey Tree Medicinal founder Riley Collins says his company’s concentrates are like the swiss army knife of cannabis oils. From wound care to cooking to dabbing to even treating toothaches, Honey Tree Medicinal is the multipurpose tool in oil form.

What makes the Santa Ana-based company’s oil so functional is the company’s unique extraction process. Many companies extract from cannabis using carbon dioxide or butane, which loses many nutrients from the plant in the process. Honey Tree forgoes using those gases to extract and instead, use a bipolar solvent to capture a fuller spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes found in the cannabis plant.

“We’re the holistic, whole wheat option,” says Patrick Schweiker, brand ambassador for Honey Tree. “It’s the closest thing to smoking real cannabis.”

It’s that purity that makes Honey Tree one of the most potent dabs on the market today. “It really shines when it is dabbed,” Schweiker says.

Beyond highly potent dabs, Honey Tree’s oil is used to heal wounds both large and small. It’s a bioactive substitute for Neosporin but has also been shown to drastically heal burn victims’ injuries––all while subsiding the pain and swelling at the same time. Collins says doctors have been astounded by how fast their oil helped heal serious wounds. “It’s like you put the cellular regeneration on fast forward,” he says.

The medication also works well in cooking and infusing into edibles.

Honey Tree makes sure patients can receive the healing effects from their wonder product in a variety of ways. Their Activated Honey Oil concentrate syringe comes in indica, sativa and hybrid, and is good for dabbing, ingesting or infusing in edibles. They offer jars of their live resin for a more potent medicating session.

Their CBD Hemp Oil & Root Lotion is a medicated blend of hemp oil, shea butter and coconut oil for a soothing and uniquely relaxing lotion. They also offer a vial of CBD tincture for patients who want the relief from pain, nausea or anxiety without the head high.

Patients can purchase from Honey Tree’s line directly by messaging them on Instagram (@honeytreemedicinal) or emailing them at relief@honeytreemedicinal.org.

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