Green Herojuana; Our Toke of the Week!

Green Herojuana Indica

Strain: Green Herojuana Indica

Price: $35 1/8 $70 1/4

Dispensary: 10 Spot 3242 S. Halladay St. Santa Ana 92705 (800)836-7768

Medical Marijuana might just be a cancer’s patient best friend. I’ve written about using it during my treatment with colorectal cancer, it helped alieve the affects of chemotherapy and also with sleep and anxiety issues. I’m now in the fifth year of remission and continue to use marijuana for anxiety and pain, I was recently diagnosed with spinal stenosis which means I have 3 vertebrae that are shrinking and causing major pain, my doctor has prescribed me Rx painkillers but I use them sparingly I don’t want to become dependent on them or care for any long lasting side effects. At the dispensary I’m always looking for any CBD product or any flower that is strong enough to relieve my pain

Green Herojuana is a Indica dominant hybrid grown from combining Petrolia Head Stash and Killer New Haven, two very potent parents with attributes that help with insomnia and pain. The buds are small, dense and full of small orange hairs, tight and compact. At the price of $35 for an eighth it’s not considered a top shelf strain which go for $50 so consider this a bargain for the effects of Herojuana are as Dank as any top shelf strain I have smoked.

Crushing a small bud with my fingers I put the small green pieces in a pipe and take a small hit. Very smooth, a strong taste of pine with a slightly skunky aroma. Right away I feel a buzz, with one hit, damn this is some good stuff. I continue to take small hits and my face is flushed, I’m feeling quite numb, which is a good thing. I am very impressed with the first bowl of Herojuana, I really need something like this for my back pain, it works almost immediately and I can see why it helps with insomnia. If I was to take bigger tokes and smoke a couple of more bowls I’d be sound asleep like a baby, that’s why I took the smaller hits so I could control the Herojuana and monitor how it dealt with my pain. This would obviously also work for those that have arthritis and other chronic ailments and if I were going through chemo I would use Herojuana 24/7, my new best friend. #Fuckcancer!

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