Get High And Grow Your Own With Half Lit’s Lollipops

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The best thing about consuming edibles is that they’re discreet. People don’t think twice when you pop a mint in your mouth or eat a cookie–unless, of course, the mint or cookie is high-dose and you start acting like you’re from Jupiter. But thanks to the low-dose world we live in you don’t usually have to worry about that if you pay attention to what you buy. What canna-consumers should be concerned with is if the product they’re ingesting has pesticides in it. This is the biggest problem within the industry to date, making it imperative to research (and ask budtenders about) the brands you use or are interested in buying. Thankfully, there are some edible brands who take health and wellness seriously by leaving the neurotoxins out.

Half Lit is one of them. They make organic (meaning all ingredients, including cannabis, are pesticide and herbicide-free), gluten-free, GMO-free, vegan, gourmet lollipops dosed with 25mg of THC. When you see these candies in dispensaries, though, they might be easy to over look because they’re in the shape of a half-moon– or half a lollipop (and who wants half a sucker?) But these hard candies pack a buzz that would have bees feeling stoked (and stoned). Plus when it comes to clean cannabis, it’s better to eat half of a lollipop than a whole one loaded with cannabis that’s sprayed with, say, Golden Eagle, or ingredients that were doused in Round-Up.

I picked up Half Lit’s Lunar Lavender at Super Clinik and ate it as soon as I got home. The taste of cannabis was definitely present, but the lavender was equally there as well. The combined flavor of the two earthy, medicinal herbs made it seem as if I acquired the candy from a health food store, like Mothers Market or Whole Foods. Except, unlike the products at those stores, it gets you stoned. Half Lit lollipops, then, are what transcendental health-conscious hippie dreams are made of.

But the candy isn’t what makes these treats so special. It’s actually the stick they’re on–inside it are cannabis seeds. So when you’re done with your lollipop, you burry the stick in soil. After a couple months of watering every day, not drenching it in pesticides and making sure the soil is healthy, a cannabis plant grows. So not only do you get to enjoy a clean 25mg high, but you also get the chance to grow your own plant. I don’t know if there’s a better way to spend $7.


Price: $7; Dispensary: Super Clinik 2525 S Birch Street, Santa Ana, Ca., 92707

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