Get A Taste Of Ancient Siberia With Altai’s Espresso Bean Pips

Courtesy of Altai 

I’ve been consuming cannabis at least 5 days a week (usually more) for almost 10 years, and for whatever reason I’ve always been sensitive to THC. I’m the person who eats a 15mg cookie and is not only shacked for at least five hours, but my eyes are bloodshot and as glazed as a doughnut. Thus, micro-dosing is the way I choose to live my life. Whether smoking, eating, using a topical– consistent small doses through out the day is the best form of medicating for me.

There are some pretty stellar brands that specialize in the art of the micro-dose, especially as of late (ahem, thanks new BMCR regulations).  The goal of creating low dose edibles is allowing people to enjoy more than just a bite of a chocolate bar without getting ripped. It also allows gourmet tastes to be a part of the edible experience. Altai, an edible company based out of Monterey, is one of the few companies that not only has a delicious low dose product, but also has a great story.

First, their chocolate espresso beans are to die for. Actually, their entire product line is pretty damn tasty. But their bittersweet dark chocolate espresso beans, or Pips as Altai calls them, are was dreams are made of. More specifically, they’re what non-morning people’s dreams are made of. Loaded with 10mg of Sativa, the dark chocolate espresso bean feels like you’re eating a cup of rich java. If you eat it at home before your morning work out or on the way into work, by the time you arrive to wherever you’re supposed to be you’ll be cruisin’.

Second, what makes Altai a fascinating company is how they came up with their name. 2,500 years ago in the icy Altai mountain range– a span of Siberian mountains bordering Mongolia and Kazakhstan– a princess was buried with a jar of cannabis. Fast forward 250 decades, scientists found her preserved-ish body under layers and layers of ice with that jar of cannabis. When they tested her bones, they discovered the princess had cancer and was using cannabis to treat the disease. As an homage to the “ice princess of Altai”, the NorCal based edible company named their business after her.

I mean, honestly: Who doesn’t want to get in touch with their inner Siberian princess (or prince)?

Altai Espresso Bean Pips; $18; OC3: 3122 Halladay Street, Santa Ana, Ca 92705

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