Pimp Your Vape With Forbidden Fruit Vape Cartridge by Brass Knuckles

Since they came on the market, Brass Knuckles Vape Cartridges have set the bar for quality and potency. One of its most recognizable investors, rap artist, XZIBIT, has said that they looked at everything that was wrong with current vape carts and tried to not only improve but to create a super premium product, including a full gram of oil in each quartz cartridge. A beautiful, Prohibition-style gold cartridge and battery, it was named Brass Knuckles according to XZIBIT because “it’s gunna knock you the fuck out!”

Forbidden Fruit is one of the latest Brass Knuckle cartridges. The strain is a Indica-dominant hybrid that came from crossing Cherry Pie and Tangie both top shelf strains. Like the flower, the vape has a fruity taste with notes of pine. Unlike the flower the aroma is also fruity which is why I really like using this vape. Every pen I’ve tried has a scent of THC, some stronger than others, so even though a vape pen is very discreet and convenient you still need to be cautious where you use it. But I vaped Forbidden Fruit everywhere, at the movies, the supermarket. It is a definitely one of the strongest, with 86 percent THC. The high is very enjoyable and can become intense. With a full gram this cartridge will last a good while. Thanks XZIBIT! Pimp My Vape!

Available at Evergreen 1320 E Edinger Ave Santa Ana 92705 714-486-1806. $60/gram.

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