Flurish CBD Gummies

Product: Flurish CBD Mixed-Berry Gummies
Price: $20
Place of Purchase: New Generation, 3700 W. Segerstrom Ave., Ste. A, Santa Ana.


Everyone knows cannabidiol, or CBD, as the miracle component of cannabis. It helps stop seizures, relieves arthritis pain and migraines, and helps in the fight against cancer. People also often speak about the fact that it’s non-psychoactive, meaning it won’t get you high. Although it takes a lot more CBD to feel its effects than it would with THC—the psychoactive component of cannabis that makes us feel “stoned”—it’s still possible to get CBD high, which is what happened when I ate two pieces (20 milligrams) of the Flurish CBD gummies.

What’s interesting about the high was that my head never felt cloudy, and I was able to think straight. My body, on the other hand, felt like a noodle. I felt a tingling sensation pulsating from my elbows to my fingertips and from my knees down to my toes—I finally understand why people call CBD nature’s Vicodin. My mood was abnormally happy, and my anxiety was curbed. The best part was that I was able to read, write and communicate like a normal person without appearing under the influence—even though I was anything but sober.

But unlike eating THC and getting couch-locked for hours (or days), I felt energized. I powered through three loads of laundry, cleaned my room and organized my calendar. I was amped on life and optimistic as ever. In fact, I felt so wonderful that at one point I forgot I had eaten an edible. I zoomed through chores and work tasks, and even devised a list of ways I could remove Trump from office myself. My ambitions were set aflame to say the least. If I’d eaten anymore than two gummies, however, there’s a chance I would’ve teleported to another dimension—one with noodley people who drool on themselves.

The berry-flavored candies are made with quality ingredients, and the CBD is extracted from premium cannabis flowers—not hemp— using a completely solventless process. Flurish strives to be known for having consistent, medical-grade products that are safe and effective. And effective they are. If I’d stubbed my toe while racing around the house doing chores, I probably wouldn’t have felt it. So for someone who experiences pain (or anxiety / depression) on a regular basis, it’s easy to see how these gummies would be perfect for alleviating symptoms.

Another reason these gummies are to-die-for is because they’re crafted by a Michelin Star-trained chef, and you can tell: the texture and taste of the candies mesh exquisitely— and they look beautiful, too. Upon first glance the transparent purple gummies look like small three-dimensional amethyst pyramids. Although the CBD gummies only come in berry flavor, Flurish also makes THC-laced gummies in an array of stellar flavors, like pineapple, watermelon, mango and sour apple. Between the alluring visual aesthetics and the sweet berry flavors that mask the taste of cannabis (almost) perfectly, we’ll definitely be chowing more Flurish CBD edibles again soon (and experimenting with the other gummie flavors, too).

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