Five Things Missing At BudBabes x All Eyez On Me Event

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On Fri. June 16 BudBabes held a VIP event at OHM Nightclub in Hollywood in conjunction with the recently released Tupac movie, All Eyez on Me. The event took place in the early evening and guests posed for press in front of the BudBabes x All Eyez on Me back drop as they entered the venue. It wasn’t overcrowded, the DJ was playing great music and smoking weed was encouraged. Though it was a good time, other than meeting Suga Free, Laylaw and DJ Quik, it was kind of uneventful, so I made a short list of what they needed.

1. Actors

Understandably people who play in such an epic and much anticipated movie are overbooked and pulled in all different directions, expected to be in so many places at the same time, but that comes with the job. So I was surprised that no one from the movie was there to represent it, I mean no one who contributed was there, and if they were it wasn’t announced when they came in or made obvious at any other time. Don’t get me wrong, it was still a lot of fun but when they labeled this a private VIP event, they should have made sure a key player was on the calendar smoking blunts with everyone.

Photo by: Angel Grady


2. A Red Carpet

Not only was this advertised as a VIP event, but a red carpet one as well. It’s been a while, but to my knowledge in order to have a red carpet event, you should probably have a red carpet. This one was more like a rug with the BudBabes x All Eyez on Me backdrop behind it. Of course, I was way overdressed in a floor length dress thinking all the other guests would be too-nope! I could have worn cutoff jeans and Jordan’s with the majority or other guest in casual attire. I guess I was expecting a red carpet with little bud prints or something unique like that. The camera crew interviewing and media taking photos helped contribute to the VIP feeling and trust me those guys know how to crop it just right, but it would have be nice to get the full effect I was looking for.

Photo by Angel Grady


3. Technical Support

To the blind eye the two rooms designated for the premiere where plush, set up with low leather couches and a centered projector, but the viewing wasn’t visible from all the seats. It was scheduled to start just before eight p.m., which it probably would have if they weren’t having technically difficulties. I didn’t understand why they were behind schedule until I heard someone say the hosts were having issues getting the movie to play on one of the screens, so everyone had to cram into one room to watch on a 55” projector. I don’t know if the problems they had playing the movie affected the quality, but I felt like we were watching the bootleg version, the fast forward and rewind bar were on the bottom of the screen the whole time, I’m surprised the captions weren’t stuck on. Fortunately for us the message was still the same.

Photo by Angel Grady


4. VIP list

The check-in table gave everyone a VIP wristband, but dependent on status or how much you paid to be there, the band was a different color. They made it seem like it mattered which one you had, but it didn’t. Everyone was allowed access throughout the venue and other than one glass of champagne that you had to hunt for, there weren’t any drink tickets or anything of that sort. VIP didn’t include a special viewing area or VIP medicated area, other than a gift bag with liquor promos like chapstick, stickers, and a T-shirt, there weren’t really any VIP perks at all. To be real, the only reason to mention any of this VIP stuff  is because some people paid almost $300 for treatment they didn’t receive… crazy.

Yes, they’re empty.


5. Weed

There was definitely several pocket sessions throughout the venue, however, the event advertised BudBabes was to release a new strain of weed, one that was featured in the Tupac movie and that wasn’t that case. There were rows of weed jars with the new strain label beautifully displayed, but they were all empty. It was rumored, they simply decided not to do the release that night, which was kind of strange considering the expensive VIP tickets were supposed to come with a sampling of the exclusive product line, instead it came with generic earbuds, movie pins, stickers and a couple random things. I know a lot of people were waiting for this movie to come out, but I think one of the reasons guests choose to come to this premiere over another is because they wanted to be the first to try the new strain, but BudBabes had no bud.

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