Five Reasons Why We Love Day Day’s Smoke Shop

Photo by Angel Grady


Although you wouldn’t know it from the street–in fact, you’ve probably driven past it many times–there’s a legit smoke shop just off 17th street in Santa Ana. Day Day’s Smoke Shop’s low-profile set-up isn’t an accident: the city made them make lots of changes to the front of the store, making it almost impossible to recognize its location if you’re not already looking for it. The store’s tiny neon “smoke shop” sign doesn’t do it justice. Why is Day’s Smoke Shop one of Orange County’s best smoke shops? Let us count the ways!


1. Variety

When you walk in the store, you can’t help but widen your eyes. Day Day’s has a massive collection of hand and water pipes, one of the biggest I’ve seen-anywhere. The showroom is lined with glass casings filled with almost every pipe you can imagine, perfectly organized in like groups. It doesn’t stop there, as you raise your head, the graffiti decorated walls are covered with every kind of bong you can think of.


Some people look at medicating as a ritual or a more serious situation, so the high-end room is for them. This area of the shop is dedicated to a unique selection of pipes, bongs, and burbs ranging from $150 to $5000. Finding rarities, such as a Zach Puchawitz glass burb, is not uncommon at Day Day’s; they literally have thousands to choose from, something for everyone.


Photo by Angel Grady


2. More than glass

Maybe a few shelves of New Era hats and artistic t-shirts aren’t the first things to expect when entering a smoke shop, but this one has more than just what you need for smoking. Day Day’s is among the few that carries such a selection of other merchandise. It’s interesting to see someone come in looking for papers and watch them walk out with a new hat, two cans of spray paint and a grinder. They even have backpacks, art paint pens, spray paint, switchblades, skateboards, and incense. The list doesn’t stop there: vape pens, e-cigarettes, e-juice, vaporizers, and a newly added Zippo collection just gives customers more decisions to make. With this shop who knows what impulse buys you’ll come out with?


Photo by Angel Grady

3. Not one but two nearby collectives

I can’t think of any shop that was lucky enough to have one dispensary, let alone two open up practically next door. It’s literally less than a hundred feet to your flower, wax, edibles, or whatever method you use to medicate. One of the shops has embraced Prop. 64, which legalized recreational marijuana for adults, so they don’t require you to have your medical recommendation, only your ID. Most people already have something at home or in their car they prefer to smoke with. But then there are the majority of those who love to roll up. So naturally, they leave the clinic and Day Day’s is right there calling their name, like it was destiny.


Photo by Angel Grady


4. Day Day


This is kind of a funny story, but Day Day isn’t actually the owner of the shop. He’s been with the company since 2013 and handles all the daily operations. Originally it was called One Twisted Smoke Shop and located in a building across the street, but later when it relocated, it rebranded with a theme from the movie Friday and changed the name to Day Day’s. Albert was there so often and because he was mistaken for Day Day so much, he eventually stopped correcting people. He has put so much into the shop and it shows, he remembers your name and what you like. He personally knows every item in the store and how they are supposed to work. He takes note of all customer feedback regarding their experiences with different products as to further his knowledge.


His attitude is positive and it’s important to him to provide what his customers want. If he receives enough requests for something he might not have, he makes a point to get it. Day Day loves working for the shop and wouldn’t mind owning his own one day, but his real passion is music. He goes by the rap name Siccness, however, his dedication to the store affects his ability to do as much as he can with his music. Lucky for all of OC he make this sacrifice for us, Day Day’s would be the same without him.


5. One Stop, You’re Done

This smoke shop has pretty much everything. They have an entire wall covered with different products to roll up with. Every kind of Zig Zag, Blackwood, blunt wraps, Swishers, 24k gold edible papers, you name it, the selection seems endless. You can come grab a detox and home test after getting advice on which one works best from Day Day. Pick up your Observatory concert tickets while you grab your favorite pack of cigarettes or juice refill. Don’t forget a bag to protect your glass, incense to cover up the smell, ice cream and snack for the munchies and a skateboard just because. If you stop in at Day Day’s Smoke Shop, our guess is you’re next stop will be home.


Day Day’s Smoke Shop is located at 339 W. 17th St., Santa Ana. (714) 541-0996. Open 10 am to 10 pm, Sun-Thu; 10 am to 11 pm, Fri and Sat.

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