First They’re Sour, Then They’re Sweet: Edipure’s Infused Watermelon Tarts

Adult Watermelon Sour Patc..I mean Sour Tarts

Two weeks ago, Colorado outlawed edible gummy candies in the shape of humans, animals or fruit. Although Denver is 1,014.2 miles away, it seems wise to keep abreast of their canna-laws because what happens over there is likely to be mirrored here. To wit: now is a good time to stock up on infused gummies because they’re likely to become collector’s items in 2018.

Making my rounds in Santa Ana last week, I walked into People’s OC and saw their colorful assortment of infused Edipure gummies. There were yellow lemon drops, watermelon tarts (which look and taste like watermelon Sour Patches), cherry-cola bottles, rocky rope (kind of like a Nerds Rope), apple drops, cherry bombs and sour sea creatures. I felt the juvenile love I have for sour candies brewing in my chakras. I decided to go with old faithful: Watermelon Sour Patches.

I refuse to call them watermelon tarts. As far as I’m concerned, they’re adult Sour Patch candies, and they’re great. Dispensaries won’t be the same when they’re officially banned, which is inevitable, sadly, because regulators believe they appeal to children. I savored the taste as soon as I bit into the fruity half moon-shaped candy. The fruit flavor outweighed the plant taste, even though the entire bag has 100mg of THC in it; each watermelon contains 10mg of THC.

I ate two as soon as I got home from People’s OC and within and hour I had the sweetest buzz. I was alert yet relaxed, I felt silly but was able to concentrate on things. I was sassy, but also too stoned to act on it. I felt sour yet sweet– exactly the way a Sour Patch kid is supposed to feel.

Available at People’s OC; 2721 S. Grand Ave, Santa Ana, Ca., 92705 $20.

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