Feel The Cosmic Consistency With Canndescent’s Create

Charging Canndescent’s Create with Labradorite Wisdom (Photo: Mary Carreon)

It’s hard to find a strain of cannabis (or any cannabis product, really) that’ll make you feel the same way twice. You might try a Blue Dream that makes you feel dreamy and energized, with thoughts as mutable as water. But when you go back to get more Blue Dream two weeks later it might make you feel dazed and confused, but too awake to drift into dreamland. Or it might knock you out. Basically, cannabis is like a box of chocolates: You have no fucking clue what kind of high you’re going to get– especially when dispensaries sell strains like, say, Northern Lights as a sativa when everyone knows it’s actually an indica. But that’s a whole other can of worms.

So in this burgeoning cannabis world that lacks consistency, when you come across something twice that makes you feel exactly as you remember (or even better), it’s worth writing about. Canndescent, a company based out of Ventura (and grows in Desert Hot Springs), seemingly has consistency on lock. Last April I tried Canndescent’s Create–a pesticide-free sativa dominant hybrid– and was impressed with how well the strain paralleled with the feeling. The grassy green nugs were soft and bouyant with twisting orange hairs. After twisting in a grinder, it smelled like an Earthy bouquet of fruit flowers. The presentation was also staggeringly posh. The glass-jarred eighth came in a sunshine orange box with a matching set of matches, hemp twine, and raw papers sealed with a quote from Giorgio Armani.  After a few puffs I felt like I could write 7 novels, be a frontwoman in a rock n’ roll band and paint the view from atop Mount Olympus.

Knowing how strains usually are, however, I didn’t think I’d get the same feeling or high twice. HA! I was so wrong.  Last week I tried Create again and not only felt creative, but I felt my vibration lift to the celestial heights of an angelic selenite wand. Perhaps it was the cosmic effects of the solar eclipse, or Venus’ shift into the constellation of Leo. Or maybe I was just really, really stoned. Either way I felt just as powerful as I did last April when I indulged in Create’s vibes for the first time.

Create’s magical high is only one aspect of why it’s good. What makes it great is the consistency. In a wold full of chaos, it’s nice to have something you can rely on to make you feel good  that won’t also kill you. The next time you’re looking for a little bit of consistency in your life, spark up a bit of Create and watch the sparkles unfold.

Price: $40/eighth; MedMenOC: 2141 S Wright St Santa Ana, CA 92705

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