Delve Into The World Of Biodynamic Cannabis And Artisan Chocolate With Défoncé Chocolatiers

Stay classy, OC (Courtesy of Défoncé Chocolate)

About a year and a half ago, we wrote a review on Défoncé Chocolatier, an edible company that crafts decadent, mind-melting cocoa bars. Between the sleek packaging and the fact you can’t taste even the slightest hint of herb, Défoncé resembles an artisanal chocolate you’d find at Whole Foods.

I gifted a bar to my friend, who put it in her freezer next to other, non-medicated artisanal chocolate and didn’t warn her husband. When he got home from work, he munched on some chocolate, then went to bed. He woke up two hours later in a panic, thinking he was having a heart attack and had been dosed with LSD. He didn’t realize he ate close to 180 milligrams of THC-infused chocolate– because it tastes nothing like an edible.

Although no one likes accidentally being dosed with strong weed, Défoncé has had to change it up a bit because of the new laws. Instead of making high-dose edibles, it now makes chocolate bars with only 90 milligrams of THC. Dosage aside, however, what I didn’t emphasize enough in the last review is the quality of the herb used in the bars.

Grown in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, the cannabis used in Défoncé’s organic, gluten-free chocolate is grown using biodynamic farming techniques. The cultivators use complex composting methods to build soil so microbially abundant that fertilizer is not required. These methods are nearly unheard of in cannabis cultivation, as it takes years to build soil that healthy. Thus, the cannabis used is as clean as herb gets. Some of the plants have been measured to be 16 feet tall and 30 feet wide.

Who says you need chemicals to grow great weed? Défoncé’s chocolate proves exactly the opposite.

Available at From the Earth, 3023 S. Orange Ave., Santa Ana. $23

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