Delivery Service Guidelines

PotPlus Delivery Service Guidelines

To ensure the best experience for our users, Delivery Service listings MUST abide…

  • Title & Dispensary Name – Name of your delivery service.
  • Address – Put an address here, but this field will NOT be shown to the user. This helps PotPlus accurately position your marker.
  • City – City center closest to your delivery area.
  • State – State of the city you chose.
  • Zip Code – Zip code of the city you chose.
  • Phone Number – Phone number where patients can reach YOU.
  • Delivery Service Checkbox – Be sure to check this
  • Tell Us All About Your Dispensary – Your MUST fill in your “About Us” section with information about your service.
  • Post Your Menu – You MUST post your current menu on your listing.
  • Show Off Your Dispensary – You MUST post your photos of your medication here.
  • Agree To a Monthly Fee – Due to overwhelming response, delivery services must pay a nominal monthly fee to be on the site.

In return, PotPlus grants you a shiny delivery icon that marks your spot on our Map! (pretty sweet, eh?)

Can The PotPlus Staff Beautify My Listing?

Yes! We can take photos of your meds, keep your menu up to date, and beautify your listing page! Call 714-550-5910 for more information.

Can I Get Stickers to Handout to Patients?

Of course! We recommend passing stickers to each patient as they checkout, and reminding them to review their positive experience with your Delivery Service. Positive reviews help your ratings and placement on our site. Always get your patients involved because word of mouth travels quick… and the highest rated clubs show up first!

Fill out our contact form with your club name and mailing address, and we’ll send you some free stickers!