Crushing The Cramps With Papa & Barkley’s 1:1 Releaf Patch: Our Toke Of The Week!

The gift of Releaf (Courtesy of Papa and Barkley)

I don’t ever take Advil or any over-the-counter pain med because I believe Big Pharma does us more harm than good. But it becomes especially challenging when hung over, sick or experiencing cramps. Luckily, cannabis is an outstanding alternative to these issues. But knowing which product to use to best treat your ailments can be mind-bending

The most recent round of monthly cramps felt like Ronda Rousey slammed me with an upper cut to the gut. I was curled over in fetal position, nauseous and sweating. I wasn’t patient enough to wait an hour or two for the effects of edibles to kick in. Thinking about the taste of weed tincture wasn’t doing me any good, either. I didn’t think I had anything to help curb the pain. Then I remembered I had a Papa and Barkley 1:1 Releaf Patch. I dug it out from the bottom of a travel bag and placed it on my abdomen. Within about 20 minutes I began to feel normal again.

With equal parts THC and CBD, I didn’t feel too high. I was still very functional, although I wasn’t sober. But you also don’t feel sober when you’re keeled over in debilitating pain that makes you sweaty and nauseated. The cannabinoids enter your bloodstream through the skin. Papa and Barkley’s transdermal patch uses time release technology on their patches to ensure the medicine is evenly distributed for maximum pain relief. After about six hours, the effects of the patch faded, and so did my cramps.

Available at Kannabis Works: 2106 S Susan Street Santa Ana, CA 92704. $16.

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