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Back when cannabis was still procured from a “dealer,” making edibles was a laborious project. It was usually messy, too, because it required turning herb into butter.  Fast forward to 2017: Making edibles has never been easier and making oils and topicals have also become an effortless task. No longer are we in the prehistoric era of cannabis—we’re officially in the age of discovery. And the invention of the Magical Butter Machine is proof of that.

Thanks to the technology of this magical machine, all you need is between seven to 14 grams of cannabis, melted butter (or coconut oil, if that’s how you roll), and Lecithin—an emulsifier that enriches your extraction. Then after two hours, viola! Your butter or oil is made. From there, the options are limitless. Cookies, brownies, cakes, gummies or lotions (if you use coconut oil)? No problem.

The hardest thing with the Magical Butter Machine is deciding what to make. It gives freedom to the creative stoner who enjoys crafting home goods that enhance experience, surroundings and well-being. Additionally, cannabis isn’t the only herb you can put into the magical butter machine. You can put just about any plant, vegetable or fruit in there. You want lavender salve, rosemary lotion or chamomile lip balm? You got it. You want homemade garlic bread? It’s yours. Now, if only we could do that with wine-making…

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