Craving A Healthy Edible? Try A Tropical Haze Fruit Slab: Our Toke Of The Week!

Fruit Slabbin’ (Courtesy of Fruit Slabs)

Edibles can be a difficult way to medicate. For example: eating a whole brownie can sometimes launch you to Pluto and make you blitzed to function for days. The other issue is most edibles are desserts: they’re loaded with sugars, fats, flavoring, etc. So, if you’re diabetic, vegan, dieting or simply trying to be healthy most edibles are off-limits due to their ingredients.

Thankfully the edible market is starting to evolve, thanks to companies like Fruit Slabs, who make infused fruit leather. So if you like to snack on dried mango, pineapple or other dehydrated fruits, you’ll love Fruit Slabs. Although no cannabis products can technically be considered “organic” every piece of fruit leather is created with certified organic fruit, and vegan approved, gluten-free and non-GMO. Each slab is consistently dosed with 100mg of THC extract, not only ensuring the purist high but also eliminating many of the contaminants a lot of other edibles are tainted with.

Tropical Haze, available for $20 at Super Clinik, is a dried mango puree topped with hemp seeds. The slab has ridges, making it easy to tear pieces off and figure out a proper micro-dose. The taste of cannabis follows the initial explosion of mango at first bite, but it’s far from overpowering. Actually, it’s hard not to want to eat the whole slab in one sitting, honestly. I felt a cerebral high about 40 minutes after ingesting one-and-a-half strips. So although the packaging says the cannabis extract used is from a hybrid, I’d argue that it’s made with a sativa-dominant hybrid.

Getting high and being healthy aren’t two things you often hear in the same sentence. Thankfully, Fruit Slabs is on a mission to change that. Health-nerds, rejoice!

Available at Super Clinik, 2525 S Birch St, Santa Ana, CA 92707. $20.

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