Cannabis Almanac: 420 Events March 26- April 1

A puff for me and a gummy for you (Photo by Angel Grady)

Can you believe it’s almost April!? 2018’s flown by– and it’s probably going to pick up speed. You know what that means? It’s our responsibility to live every day like it’s our last. Jan. 1 2018 was the inauguration of legal cannabis into the California market– never again will it be the first year of cannabis legalization; never again will we live through this historic, albiet ever-changing, landscape. In other words: celebrate the ethos of 2018! It’ll be over before we know it. Here’s what’s going on this week in SoCal’s green canna-world. (Remember: all events are for consumers and patients at least 21-years-old unless otherwise specified and don’t toke and drive!)


Looking for a way to connect with the cannabis community? CannItalk San Diego is a good place to start. It gives members of the community 15 minutes to speak on important topics related to the cannabis industry and focuses on continuing the education of cannabis in healthcare and adult-use settings. Additionally, CannItalk is a stellar opportunity for networking, delicious beverages, and learning about vendor products. This meet up will feature specialists talking about acupuncture and the endocannabinoid system, the criminal justice system and its strengths and pitfalls, and safe dosing with cannabis.

When: Monday, March 26 at 6:30

Where: San Diego Indoor Sports Club; 3030 Front Street San Diego, CA 92103

Tickets: $5 (Click here for ticket info)

Cannabis Sciences 2018 – Online Conference

LabRoots invites you to the first annual Cannabis Sciences online conference. Cannabis science is a growing field of medicine and research, as it is becoming more accepted and legalized for medical use. Cannabis research elevates the understanding of metabolic processes to provide innovative treatment options for unmet medical needs. By bringing together cannabis industry experts, instrument manufacturers, lab testing specialists, research scientists, medical practitioners, policy makers and professionals from around the world, LabRoots will drive collaboration and foster innovation from which new ideas expand into integrated solutions. The conference is complimentary and offers a fantastic opportunity to benefit from interacting with a global community of like-minded colleagues from the comfort of home.  As our first-ever annual event, we aim to further the conversation of cannabis sciences and analytical research. Topics of discussion will include: Cannabis therapies for diseases, immune therapy and stem cell therapy; cannabis for pediatric disease – childhood cancer, tumors; autism; guidelines for parents/patients to select a safe medical cannabis product; pain and cannabis impact on opiate use; cannabis extraction and testing; cultivating medical cannabis; post-processing of cannabis: and so much more.

When: Wednesday, March 28- Thursday, March 29 from 6 am – 8 pm

Where: Online

Tickets: FREE! (Click here to register)

Blunt Talks: Cannabis in California

If you’re into TED talks, this event is for you. These TED-style presentations are given by cannabis professionals who know the industry inside and out through years of experience. Blunt Talks are also a great networking opportunity and a way to walk away with some sweet raffle prizes. Oh, and there will be tacos! Whether you’re a professional looking to transition careers into the cannabis industry, a canna-professional looking to keep up to date with whats going on, or a business owner that is looking to add talent to your team, this installment of Blunt Talk will leave you with an udnerstanding of what to do next to make your canna-vision possible.

When: Thursday, March 29 at 7 pm

Where: 9410 Owensmouth Ave., Los Angeles, CA 91311

Tickets: $15 (Click here for tickets)

I’m Too Effing High Presents… A Comedy Show on Drugs

Over the past two years, I’m Too Effing High has put on a monthly talk show and game show, half-heartedly attempting to find out if people are funnier when they’re high.

This showcase is highlighting some of the shows favorite comedians, sketches, music, and more. So does cannabis actually make things and people funnier? Find out for yourself! The night will feature: Ally Beardsley (CollegeHumor); Devin Field (Jimmy Kimmel Live); Erin & MeLissa (Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Ruins Everything); Greg Gallant (UCB Harold Night, Son of Zorn); Jacob Wysocki (Loosely Exactly Nicole); Joel Ward (Penn & Teller: Fool Us, The Tonight Show); Peter Banifaz (Veep, Silicon Valley, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Shameless); Rose O’Shea (Legitimate Goddamn Theatre, UCB Harold Night); Shaun Diston (The Chris Gethard Show, Broad City) and Shaun Fisher (Dope Town 3000).

When: Friday, March 30 at 10 pm

Where: Dynasty Typewriter at The Hayworth; 2511 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90057

Tickets: $10 (Click here for tickets)

420 Games LA

Run, walk, skate 4.20 miles from the Santa Monica Pier to the Venice pier and back to celebrate the fact cannabis-users can be active, healthy and athletic. In fact, cannabis can be used as a way to help muscles repair quicker, so your downtime between workouts and activities can be minimized for optimal health. The third annual 420 Games LA starts this Saturday and goes until Sunday. You’ll have the chance to mingle with tons of like-minded 420-friendly people, sip on some Lagunita brews, see vendor setups and participate in games, raffles and contests. There will also be a professional skate contest at the Venice Beach skatepark, a three-on-three basketball tournament featuring NBA legends, MMA, Juijitsu and more. And, to cool things down, there will be a killer yoga sesh at the end. What better than being active and elevated on a beautiful, sunshiny day?

When: Saturday, March 31- Sunday, April 1 at 8 am – 5 pm

Where: Santa Monica Pier; 200 Santa Monica Pier A Santa Monica, CA 90401

Tickets: $15-$500 (Click here for tickets)

Welcome Spring Cannabis Infused Gourmet Dinner

Ring in the spring season with a fine-dining medicated gourmet experience. This is a great opportunity for networking and making new friends, as well as bringing old friends into the world of luxurious cannabis. A signature drink is included with your meal. This is what the dinner will include: cherry tomato salad with powdered basil and cannabis oil, balsamic glaze, and tossed micro-greens; scallop crudo, with citrus vinaigrette, dotted with cannabis oil, candied nuts and shaved shallots; spring peas, bacon, and cannabis agnolotti pasta with parmesan crisp; quarter piece of herb roasted cornish game hen, cannabis pan gravy and baby glazed carrots; ribeye steak, cannabis béarnaise garlic roasted baby potatoes, lemon zest broccolini; and for dessert: vanilla sponge cake topped with raspberry cannabis mousse, cannabis chocolate sauce and almond lace cookie.

When: Saturday, March 31 at 7 pm

Where: Glendale; address given to ticket holders only.

Tickets: $75 (Click here for tickets)

Puff, Pass & Paint: A 420 Friendly Creative Cannabis Class

This 2-hour Puff, Pass & Paint class supplies all you’ll need to get your pain on. Although the event is sponsored by Alchemy Vape Pens, the event is BOYC (bring your own cannabis) in order to comply with local laws. That said, this event is a consumption event, and it’s encouraged to bring your own so you can imbibe freely and get yourself into a creative zen space via herbal delights. Attendees will receive exact address of location after purchasing a ticket. Non-refundable/non-transferable.

When: Saturday, March 31 at 7 pm

Where: Fullerton; address given ticket holders

Tickets: $50 (Click here for tickets)

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