Cannabis Almanac: 4/20 Events July 17-23

Dave the Rainbow says go and get your smoke on (Photo: Spencer Strayer)

So you want to get your 420 on this week? Here’s a list of canna-centric events going on in SoCal that’ll immerse you in the blossoming green, smoky community. Just remember: You must be at least 21 years old (unless stated otherwise) and have a valid doctors recommendation if you attend events that involve using cannabis. Oh, and don’t medicate and drive!

Here’s what the week looks like through green-colored lenses:

Southern California Cannabis Business & Investment Group Member Meet Up

The Southern California Cannabis Business and Investment Group meet up is a monthly meet up for investors, operators, advisors and entrepreneurs in the medical cannabis industry looking to connect on a regular basis. This week’s meet up will focus on medical applications and laboratory testing with a slant on liability and protecting your operation. There also will be a segment on growing your own six-plant cultivation– this will end up being a five part series over a span of five weeks, starting at Wednesday’s gathering. Cannacraft will be there displaying their whole line of products: Absolutextracts, Care By Design, Satori, and Sutra Sensuals. Weed TV will also be there doing interviews and covering the event. Rosano Partners will also be discussing real estate opportunities in SoCal as well.

When: Wednesday, July 19 at 6pm

Where: Cool Warehouse; 2234 W. Temple St., Los Angeles, CA 90027

Tickets: $10-$20 (Click here for tickets)


This is the ultimate, all encompassing farmers market. It’s the place to purchase your bananas, broccoli, tomatoes and lab tested cannabis. There will be dabs to enjoy, delectable snacks to munch on after you’re blitzed and educational speakers to catch you up on the changes happening in the industry.  Although the event is free to the public, you can reserve a table for $50. There are also 25 VIP gift bags for those who want to donate $50, too.  Terpmarket is 21+ and you must bring a valid doctors recommendation with you to attend. Please note that this is an alcohol-free event. If you’re caught drinking, you’ll be kicked to the curb.

When: Thursday, July 20 at 5pm

Where:  132 E 163rd St, Gardena, CA 90248

Tickets: FREE! (Click here to RSVP)


Puff, Pass & Paint: A 420 Friendly Creative Cannabis Class

This 2-hour Puff, Pass & Paint class supplies all you’ll need to get your pain on. Although the event is sponsored by Alchemy Vape Pens, the event is BOYC (bring your own cannabis) in order to comply with local laws. That said, this event is a consumption event, and it’s encouraged to bring your own so you can imbibe freely and get yourself into a creative zen space via herbal delights. Attendees will receive exact address of location after purchase of ticket to comply with local laws for consumption-friendly spaces. Non-refundable/non-transferable.

When: Thursday, July 20 at 7pm

Where: 604 W Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90015

Tickets: $40 (Click here for tickets)


Friday Night Sesh

This event takes place every Friday and is focused on bringing lots of quality meds to those in attendance. You can expect to enjoy medicated and non-medicated munchies, meet the people behind your favorite canna-products and smoke with the 420 nurses. The vibe is community-oriented and you only have to be 18 years old to attend– obviously a doctors recommendation is required.

When: Friday, July 21 at 7pm

Where:  420Nurses Compound; 21923 Sherman Way, Los Angeles, CA 91303

Tickets: $10-$50 (Click here for tickets)


Little Amsterdam

Held in a “green” cafe in the Red Light district of Downtown LA, this little canna-shin dig will offer live music– two bands and a DJ– over a span of six hours. Joints will be available for purchase on site, but if you’re on a budget you can always bring your own. You’ll also be able to get a free psychic reading if you want to dive into past life or future karmic adventures. The cafe will have food and coffee available on site, as well. Usually this party stops at 2am– you know, about an hour-and-a-half after the topless girls with body paint start dancing in the windows. If you’re looking for a place to smoke, chill, experience live art and music– this is it. Must be 21+ and have a valid doctors recommendation.

When: Saturday, July 22 at 8pm

Where: ARQADE; 734 S. Main St., Los Angeles, Ca., 90014

Tickets: $5-$7 (Tickets available at the door)


The Green Lodge

This one’s for the Earthy cannabis loving goddesses looking to embrace their femininity. The Green Lodge is a women’s only metaphysical and Cannabis friendly healing workshop rooted in indigenous Earth medicines, and how the female body aligns and flows with the lunar cycles. This July lodge Medicine entails the Goddess Hathor, the Dolphin, the Crystal Garnet, the Plant Red Raspberry. Guests will be treated to Hint Of Greens, Lauren Unger’s (a certified Reiki healer) specialty “Amazeballs” healing session upon arrival. Then everyone will be led through a proper setting of intentions, sacred yoni and womb yoga, and then a euphoric meditation led by Ashley Barnes– a healer who specializes in cannabis, self love and sex. Following Barnes’ session, each goddess will partake in a light-working exercise to bind all the healing they have received. Before departure each goddess will participate in the gift exchange, which will be the closing of the lodge. Must be 21+ and have a valid doctors recommendation!

When: Sunday at 7pm

Where: Green House Co Working; 307 E 42nd Place, Los Angeles, Ca., 90011

Tickets: $23.50-$47 (Tickets available here)


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