Cali Plugs Held A Smoke Sesh- Shhh–Don’t Tell Anyone

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I drove past the building twice before turning into the parking lot. “There’s no way this is it,” I said to myself when I finally approached the nondescript door, which resembled the entrance to a small copy store rather than a weed sesh. But the cloud of smoke that greeted me as I entered assured me I was right where I wanted to be: Cali Bud’s super-secret session.

Last Saturday night (July 15), Cali Plugs held a private sesh at an undisclosed location in Santa Ana. I’ve been to a sesh before, but not like this. Usually, you have to squeeze through the crowd trying to get vendor’s attention, dabs or the sweet deals they offer. Not this time. When Cali said secret, that’s what he meant; no one was allowed in without “knowing the password,” so even waiting for a drink inside only took a minute.

Ultimately it was a little smaller than I had expected, but I think that was the point–an intimate hotbox. At first it was appreciated, but after a couple hours it felt like I was running out of things to do. DJ Havoc spun all the hip-hop and nineties rap we wanted to hear, but the girl to guy ratio was completely lopsided, so no one was dancing. In fact, there wasn’t much socializing or networking going on, which is something I look forward to at a smoke session.

Speakeasy 710, a discreet and high quality oil company and Bodega, a food and drink infusion company, were posted up, giving out samples, dabs and product info. Other than the convenient and affordable pick up, the most guest interaction involved was the blunt rolling contest that took forever to take place. The winner was to be gifted a bunch of flower and cannabis products, but I left before that was announced (leaving my perfectly rolled blunt behind).

Overall, Cali Plug did alright hosting a cool spot for stoners to pick up, smoke, drink, listen to dope music and hang out, but maybe I was too punctual. Don’t get me wrong, it was a chill sesh, but if I get invited to the next one, I won’t exactly worry about being on time.

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