Bombs Away! It’s De La Beuh’s THC Bath Bombs

Bombs away!


When was the last time y’all took a bath? With a busy schedule and long days, many of us opt for showers these days so we can get in and out quickly. It’s been ages since I’ve taken the time to leisurely soak in a tub.


But I stopped by MedMen’s newest location in Santa Ana for their grand opening this weekend and saw De La Beuh’s medicated bath bombs on display at the checkout counter. The large balls came in a variety of colors and scents. I was immediately drawn to the “Kaleidoscope” variety–it was rainbow swirled and had gold glitter. Pair that with a high percentage of THC and it was an easy impulse buy.


I brought the bath bomb home with other medicated goodies from the opening day celebrations and was eager to relax that evening with a warm bath. I opened it from the plastic wrap and an explosion of gold glitter went everywhere–it was like a visit from Rip Taylor in my bathroom.


I drew the warm water, lit a candle and turned on a Fleet Foxes channel, y’know, to set the mood. The bomb turned the bathwater an opaque blue color.


As I laid down in the tub, it didn’t take long for the tension in my back to lift away. A combination of warm water and THC soothed my muscles as I relaxed mentally and physically. I put on a LUSH charcoal mask and then closed my eyes, feeling better than Marge Simpson at Rancho Relaxo.


After I got out and toweled off, my skin was noticeably softer. The relief of tension continued for about an hour after being in the bath. It was a great way to unwind after a long week and I’m grateful it made me take time to slow down and smell the (cannabis) flowers.

Available at MedMen 2141 S. Wright St., Santa Ana. (714) 515-9506.


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