Be Your Own Medicine (Wo)Man With King Harvest Wellness’ Unwind Tincture

Get Your Wellness On (Courtesy of King Harvest Wellness)

In October, I went to a music festival in Joshua Tree and came back with a terrible case of desert-dust-lung, which morphed into a hybrid of laryngitis and a cold. I couldn’t talk for a solid two weeks and it was nearly impossible to sleep thanks to aggressive coughing attacks, which made my stomach muscles sore. I couldn’t smoke a heavy indica to knock-out because my throat and lungs were shot. I also refuse to ingest over-the-counter drugs; NyQuil makes me feel like demons are trying to attack my soul and prescription cough meds with codeine give me similar nightmares. I was at a loss.

I looked online to see what kind of anti-chemical hippie concoction I could create to relieve the symptoms, and in my research, I learned that eating a spoonful of raw, organic honey is often a more effective cough-suppressant than dextromethorphan– the active ingredient in most over-the-counter cough syrups. My honey consumption for the following week made Winnie-the-Pooh look like an amateur.

Desperate for relief (and sleep) I turned to King Harvest’s “Unwind” indica tincture. In the midst of a coughing attack that kept me wide awake, despite being exhausted, I placed seven drops of the tincture under my tongue to get it into my blood faster and ate two table spoons of honey right out of the jar. The result was far superior to codeine or NyQuil. I didn’t wake up coughing in the middle of the night, allowing me to finally get a restful nights sleep. I also didn’t have dreams about demons hanging out in my house. My cold melted away in a matter of days (and my voice eventually came back, too) making me feel like a modern-day medicine woman.


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