Be The Breeze With Breez’s 1:1 Medicated Mints

Breez Mints

Right now is the time to enjoy medicated everything. From infused candies to coffees to ice creams and even facial cleansers– you can get the 420 version of anything. A newer edible trend that’s finally hitting OC dispensaries is medicated mints. Although it might sound lame (or dangerous if you’re a mint lover), low-dose mints are actually one of the stealthiest ways to medicate.

I was introduced to Breez mints at the Emerald Exchange last month. As I was checking in at the press room, three large bowls holding piles of tins caught my eye. “Go ahead and help yourself to some mints!” a woman said to me gesturing toward the bowls. The mints were in small, rectangle tins divided by color: Blue, white and red (how patriotic!). The mints in the blue tin were 25mg of THC, while the mints in the red tin offered a 1:1 ratio of 25 mg of THC to 25 mg of CBD. The mints in the white tin were the highest dose of THC, landing at 20mg.

Knowing the Emerald Exchange was held on a sprawling estate loaded with tons of people to talk to, being an anti-social zombie wasn’t an option. So I opted for the 1:1 mints in the red tin. As soon as I opened the tin all five, round mints were gone within 10 minutes. I’d ingested 25mg of THC and 25mg of CBD fast. They tasted like spicy cinnamon delight without the faintest trace of cannabis. I normally don’t eat mints like that, but that day I did. And it was intense. Do not underestimate the power of an aspirin-sized mint.

While shuttling to the Moorpark estate– which was about 45 minutes away from the check in point– I was as lit as a birthday cake. The conversations of the other Emerald Exchangers on the shuttle were loud and consuming.

“I haven’t been this excited since I saw the Grateful Dead back in the ’80s,” an enthusiastic redheaded woman yelled behind me. “But this time there’s less coke,” she says at a lower decibel to the man next to her; a man she’d just met 20 minutes before. “The Grateful Dead and cocaine in Hollywood was a big thing,” she says, “It just was!”

The shuttle ride was bit clammy and the anxiety was real. But that could’ve been all the cocaine Grateful Dead talk. By the time we got to the estate, I was shockingly stoned. It felt more like 50 mg of THC than 25. But I felt great. I felt like a spider from mars combined with the grace of a sugar plum fairy– clearly a perfect way to show up to a holistic cannabis festival. Although my adventures at the Emerald Exchange involved a lot of sitting down, the mints ensured I had a great time– and good breath.

Price: $30; Dispensary: MedMen OC; 2141 S. Wright St., Santa Ana, Ca 92705

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